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Item Description
14123.Four piece Lloyd Loom all weather wicker furniture set. Set includes tables, foot stand, chair and couch. All items in excellent condition, for perspective couch measures approx. 7' in length.
14124.Like new, appears unused, PowerLand snow blower. Features 24" cleaning width and 6.5 HP. Model PDST24E.
14125.Primitive 16" grinding wheel in good condition with normal wear.
14126.Primitive 20" grinding wheel in good condition with normal wear.
14127.Primitive hay spear in good condition. Item measures 35" in length.
14128.Primitive double harpoon in good condition. Measures 36" in height.
14129.Primitive double harpoon in good condition. Measures 40" in height.
14130.Primitive white metal water pump. Good condition with normal wear, measures 39" in height, 6" wide and 14" deep.
14131.Antique Singer BZ 10-8 sewing machine with carrying case. Model no. AL126672.
14132.Very early primitive children's carousel horse. Appears to be hand carved. Would look great remounted to board with post. Missing mane and tail. Measures 5" wide, 16.5" tall and 20" in length.
14133.Massive EOD Inert dummy round measuring 40" in height. Some wear to casing (dent). Appears to be solid metal, very heavy.
14134.Set of three antique/vintage lighting fixture portions. Would make great hanging lights. Largest measures 16" across.
14135.Two man saw (looks new) with antique handles. Measures six feet in length.
14136.Antique 1933 Ashley High School class photo in antique frame. Measures 17.5" x 21.5".
14137.Vintage Smith-Corona typewriter that seems to be in great working condition.
14138.Vintage Royal typewriter that seems to be in great working condition.
14139.Brown crock measuring approx. 8" in height.
14140.Antique crock measuring approx. 11" in height.
14141.Antique Gilchrist No. 22 milkshake mixer in great shape with enamel base. Measures 17.5" in height.
14142.Box lot of misc. antique door knobs. See photos for details of designs.
14143.Lot of antique pulleys including two metal and one wood/metal. The left does have a chipped wheel. Largest measures just over 12" in height.
14144.Pair of antique pulleys. Largest measures 11" in height.
14145.Large lot of antique/vintage advertising tins/boxes.
14146.Antique galvanized oil can measuring 14" in height.
14147.Vintage table top American Family Scale measuring 8" in height.
14148.Beautiful antique Dazey Butter Churn in great condition. Paddles move freely. Measures 12" in height.
14149.Antique Standard Line brass torch. Marked "159" on handle. Measures 8" in height.
14150.Pair of antique brass carbide lanterns, one Premier and one AutoLite.
14151.Reflective road sign with nine signals. Measures 18" x 18".
14152.One Lane Bridge road sign measuring 36" x 26", peeling on one side as pictured.
14153.Pair of Pooley Radio Cabinet for Atwater Kent Radio crate ends. Each measures roughly 32" x 33".
14154.Lot of 11 piggy banks of misc. age. Most are ceramic, one newer is plastic. Largest stands approx. 9" in height.
14155.Very odd ceramic piggy bank with arms. Measures 5.5" in height.
14156.Set of three granite canning pots with inserts. Each measures approx. 14" across.
14157.Pair of antique Liberty Bell banks for Columbus based banks. Patented in 1919. Each stands approx. 4" in height.
14158.Set of six new old stock Eveready Commander flashlights.
14159.Antique wooden Pepsi crate measuring 11.5" x 17.5".
14160.Set of seven black door knobs and hardware.
14161.Lot of antique canning jar lids and casters. This box is loaded.
14162.Set of six diecast cars including NASCAR and others. Largest measures 8"+ in length.
14163.Set of five diecast cars including NASCAR and others. 1963 Corvette missing wheel. Largest measures 8"+ in length.
14164.Antique four shelf folding shelving unit. Item measures 11.5" x 27.5" x 45.5".
14165.Modern three shelf folding shelving unit. Item measures 12" x 28" x 38".
14166.Square cast iron Wagner Ware skillet. Item measures 9.5" in width.
14167.Griswold cast iron kettle missing lid. Measures 12" in width.
14168.Pair of antique/vintage lighting hoods. Would make great additions to hanging lights. Widest measures 12.5" in width.
14169.Jim Beam Republican ceramic decanter measuring 12" in height.
14170.Century Trail Scout propane camp stove in box, looks new.
14171.Set of seven Edison Amberola wax cylinders. Varying conditions, great decorations.
14172.Set of seven piggy banks including green glass that appears to be Anchor Hocking. Tallest measures 8" in height.
14173.Set of three vintage plastic piggy banks, two of which have hats that move when a coin is inserted into slot. Largest measures 10" in length.
14174.Vintage bust mannequin with Shaw made by Ethel of Beverly Hills. Bust stands 24" in height.
14175.Portawatt 600 Power Invertor in box, looks to be unused.
14176.Antique Kraft wooden cheese box measuring 12" in length.
14177.Antique bank bag made by the Manufacturer's Trust Company for the Mosler Safe Co. in Hamilton, OH. Measures approx. 10" in length.
14178.Pair of 1950's Mother Goose children's shoes.
14179.Pair of Geneva men's and women's watches, each marked originally $250.00.
14180.Vintage binoculars with black case. Binoculars marked "Stellar".
14181.Antique binoculars with brown case. Binoculars marked "G Fournier Stenaxa".
14182.Antique Columbus Washboard Company washboard standing 18" in height.
14183.Antique washboard featuring glass surface. Stands 24" in height.
14184.Antique washboard featuring metal surface. Stands 24" in height.
14185.Antique seven tiered wooden shelving unit. Measures 9.5" x 37.5" x 72".
14186.Vintage brass bell with knotted handle. Bell measures 8" at its widest point.
14187.Vintage 20 oz Belknap Bluegrass hammer. Measures 17.5" in length. Serial # BG-947-20.
14188.Vintage Belknap Bluegrass hammer measuring 13" in total length. No observable serial number.
14189.Vintage 14" Genuine Plumb hatchet in great condition.
14190.Vintage 16" Plumb Victory hatchet in good condition.
14191.Vintage Belknap Bluegrass axe that looks to be unused, was marked with tag as such. Original paint still intact. Item measures roughly 36" in total length.
14192.Pair of white lightning rod bulbs measuring approx. 5" in diameter. View photos for complete condition.
14193.Pair of yellow lightning rod bulbs measuring approx. 5" in diameter. View photos for complete condition.
14194.Pair of blue lightning rod bulbs measuring approx. 3.5" in width and 4" in height. View photos for complete condition.
14195.Clear purple lightning rod bulb measuring approx. 5" in diameter. View photos for complete condition.
14196.Red lightning rod bulb measuring approx. 5" in diameter. View photos for complete condition.
14197.Light pink lightning rod bulb measuring approx. 5" in diameter. View photos for complete condition.
14198.Light blue lightning rod bulb measuring approx. 5" in diameter. View photos for complete condition.
14199.White lightning rod bulb measuring approx. 5" in diameter. View photos for complete condition.
14200.Miniature Frederic Remington bronze statue entitled "The Cowboy". Tail is broken but included. Measures approx. 7" in height.
14201.Miniature Frederic Remington bronze statue entitled "The Mountain Man". Measures approx. 8.25" in height.
14202.Miniature Frederic Remington bronze statue entitled "The Scalp". Measures approx. 7.75" in height.
14203.Set of three large boxes of antique/vintage model train tracks by various makers including Lionel and American Flyer.
14204.Set of three large boxes of antique/vintage model train tracks by various makers including American Flyer.
14205.Antique metal International Harvester toolbox with wooden bottom. Great used condition. Measures 15" in total length.
14206.Antique grinding wheel measuring approx. 11" in total height.
14207.Antique door corner cabinet. Antique door converted into four tiered shelving unit. Measures 16" in depth on each side and 80" tall - 20" in width in the front.
14208.Large slab of what appears to be curly maple. Slab measures 1.75" in thickness, 14.75" in width and 80" in length.
14209.17" tall lantern by CT Ham Mfg. Co.
14210.Antique 20" Shapleigh Diamond lantern.
14211.Antique 17" Montgomery Ward lantern.
14212.Antique unmarked 17" lantern with mica sides.
14213.Like new 23" Coleman propane lantern.
14214.Coleman lantern in case (does not close).
14215.Primitive grinder with wheel in great condition, likely reconditioned. Measures 24.5" wide and 35" in height.
14216.Primitive style six tiered shelf measuring 5.5" x 24" x 72".
14217.Pair of antique electrified tin and glass lanterns. Each measures approx. 22.5" in height.
14218.Eight piece Roseville dish set including shakers, spoon rest, cookie jar and more. Tallest item measures 7.5" in height.
14219.Unopened WWI US Army first aid packet. Measures 4" in length.
14220.Cast iron boy and alligator bottle opener. Measures 2.25" in height.
14221.GB Essex brass oiler measuring approx. 5.5" in height.
14222.Large 12"+ Kabar USMC knife with sheath and box.
14223.1917 WWI Remington bayonet with scabbard. Blade features bomb and eagle marks.
14224.Vintage Jac-Pot 6-1 Casting lures in original box. Four lures, look unused. Box measures approx. 6.5" in length.
14225.Older Case pocket knife. When opened, measures 5.75" in total length.
14226.Older M Klein & Sons - Chicago pocket knife. When opened, measures 6.75" in length.
14227.Older Barlow pocket knife in good condition, measuring 8.5" in length when opened.
14228.Older Towika Fish Knife in good condition. Measures approx. 9" in length when opened.
14229.Set of three older pocket knives by various makers. Largest measures 6.5" when opened.
14230.Set of four older pocket knives by various makers. Largest measures 6.5" when opened.
14231.Set of three older pocket knives by various makers. Largest measures 8.75" when opened.
14232.Set of four older pocket knives by various makers. Largest measures 7.25" when opened.
14233.Set of five older pocket knives by various makers. Largest measures 5" when opened.
14234.Set of five older pocket knives by various makers.
14235.9" x 12" flat full of misc. pocket knives.
14236.6" x 9" box full of misc. pocket knives.
14237.6" x 9" box full of misc. pocket knives.
14238.Early 1900's 5" x 9.5" box full of Geological survey maps of various region across the US. Maps measures 17" x 22". Excellent condition.
14239.Large lot of misc. vintage Garfield figurines. Tallest measures 2.5" in height.
14240.Small, 5" x 7" wide Longaberger basket.
14241.Antique cast iron decoration. Left side is broken, as pictured. Item measures 24" long and 8" in height.
14242.Large lot of vintage cast iron decorations. One is broken (right side). There are nine 6" x 25" pieces.
14243.Set of 12 Carry-Lite hunting decoys. All full size (21" long), units fold into themselves. Includes canvas carrying bag.
14244.Large set of Currier & Ives Royal-Ironstone dinner wear. Largest plates measure 10" across.
14245.Large lot of misc. paper ads.
14246.Large vintage ceramic Christmas tree with plastic birds and bows. Good condition, minor wear, pictured.
14247.Large 18" x 21.5" 1947 topographical maps of the Midwest including mostly Ohio. Excellent condition. 60+ maps.
14248.Daisy BB Gun lot including two shirts, faux ad and mid-century Daisy No. 25 air rifle. Rifle features gold engraved decorations - very good condition.
14249.Antique 18.5" red milk can
14250.Antique 20.5" Atlantic blue milk can.
14251.Set of three large, heavy, pulleys. Largest measures 15.5" in length.
14252.Large lot of misc. holsters and firearm related accessories. Looks like there is also a set of grips for a 1911.
14253.Large metal trunk/tool box measuring approx. 15" x 24'" x 30".
14254.Older Martin compound bow in good condition. Measures approx. 46" in total length.
14255.Lot of well made cutlery including Case, Chicago Cutlery and Calphalon. Largest measures approx. 13" in length.
14256.Set of ink pens that appear new in boxes.
14257.Lot of knives including utility knives and Gerber pocket knife.
14258.Older Lutz 16 oz. brass plumb in great condition with case. Measures nearly 6" in length.
14259.Large lot of new pocket knives including misc. themes.
14260.Lot of six collector knives made by Knightstone.
14261.Wooden carrying case loaded with antique ceramic and glass door handles. Box measures 12" x 15".
14262.Lot of seven vintage cardboard carnival advertisements each measuring 14" x 22".
14263.Box topper full with lamps and accessories. Box measures 10" x 16".
14264.Large lot of antique plates and teacups. Box measures 10" x 15".
14265.Appears new in box - one car garage screen curtain measuring 90" x 114".
14266.Modern poker set in carrying case.
14267.Modern Spalding horseshoe set.
14268.Allied 34 piece metric socket set.
14269.1/2" drive socket wrench set.
14270.10" x 11" x 20" tote full of LEGOs.
14271.20 piece lot of Racing Champions diecast cars.
14272.Heavy antique electric toy stove 11" in height and 14" in length.
14273.Primitive homemade tacklebox featuring three tiers and tackle equipment. Measures approx. 10" x 10" x 13".
14274.Large lot of antique/vintage toys. Includes wringer washer tub, sewing machine and more.
14275.Antique 1937 Stewart Motor Trucks price manual. Measures 9" x 11".
14276.Ephemera lot including letters, check and a few tintypes.
14277.Large lot of misc. older magazine advertisements.
14278.Shoe box full of sports cards.
14279.Popular Mechanics wrench set and Radnor welding gloves.
14280.Lot of misc. Longaberger serving dishes.
14281.Vintage Cyclone Seed Sower in great condition.
14282.Lot of misc. kitchen cutlery.
14283.Antique skeleton key lot.
14284.Vintage plastic Camel cigarettes pack holder. Has cracks to plastic hood frame. Stands 19" in height.
14285.Daisy Powerline 340 hand operated BB Gun.
14286.Antique lot including lighters, buttons, war ration books, glasses and more.
14287.Antique 1817 book - "Poems" by John Walker. Great condition.
14288.Schrade pocket knife in case. Measures 8.5" in length when opened.
14289.Bushmaster 301 pocket knife with case. Measures 7.5" in length when opened.
14290.Lot of foreign and American currency. Unknown if early currency is authentic.
14291.Antique German knife/fork/spoon set and container measuring 3" x 4.5".
14292.14K gold jeweled chain tie clasp.
14293.Vintage sterling silver ring with possible onyx stone. Size 4.5 - by Goodman.
14294.Antique Illinois pocket watch with Keystone case in great condition. Gold in color, serial no. 7358885. Measures approx. 1.5" across.
14295.Pair of showcases. One with plastic, one glass. Measure 14" x 18" and 14" x 17.5".
14296.Vintage 17" tall wood and metal nail keg. Measures 12" across.
14297.Antique buggy seat that has been recondition. Very nice, primitive condition. Measures 42" in length and 26" tall.
14298.Set of six green depression style sherbet dishes (appear to be marked Federal). One has chip to rim as pictured. They stand 3" in height and measure 4" across.
14299.7" tall heavy glass rabbit paperweight.
14300.Vintage baby buggy measuring approx. 36" in height. Handle will need repaired as pictured.
14301.Like new carving set made in Austria. Box measures 14" in length.
14302.Large modern cast iron fence piece measuring 42" wide and 48" tall.
14303.1971 Hoffman Distilling Co. Formula One race car decanter. Measures 14" in length.
14304.Antique flip-book of harness racing. Possibly Dan Patch. Measures 2.5" x 4".