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Item Description
15775.Antique hurricane lamp with dual globes. Internal component of lamp marked "The American Eureka Lamp". Measures approx. 27" in height. Slight rim wear to bottom of top globe, not visible when assembled. Untested but appears to be in great condition.
15776.Large lot of 78 rpm records, not tested. Capitol, Conqueror, Standard Disc Record and more included.
15777.Vintage Pal windup travel phonograph with arm. Item operates, but brake appears to hit platter upon engaging. Some work may be required for proper use. Measures 7" x 12" x 15".
15778.Vintage 1976 Judy's Schoolhouse carrying case. Appears to be in great condition, unknown if complete.
15779.Set of older Stellar binoculars with case.
15780.Vintage pressed metal toy register. Drawer does not completely close, may need some a bit of work. Measures 6" wide and 7" in height.
15781.Very nice vintage Uncle Sam's 3 Coin Register Bank. In great condition, front flap is slightly pushed in. Does have change in it but without key, will not open until reaching $10. Stands approx. 6" in height.
15782.Antique Fulton stamp set with wooden box. Unsure if complete, box measures 4.5" x 10".
15783.Vintage Crosley Model 58TK tabletop radio measuring 4.5" x 5" x 8.5". Appears to be in great shape, could benefit from a cleaning.
15784.Vintage Crosley Model 56TC tabletop radio measuring approx. 6.25" x 8" x 13.5". Some veneer damage as pictured, great for a project piece or for repurposing.
15785.Large antique 1936 hardcover book entitled Fabre's Book of Insects. Good condition, features 271 pages including many high quality prints from original illustrations. Measures 7.5" x 10.25".
15786.Large antique 1880 hardcover book entitled Johnson's Household Book of Nature - Mammalia. Good condition, with some pages loose from binding. Features 776 pages including many beautiful color prints from original illustrations. Measures 7.5" x 10".
15787.Large antique 1872 hardcover book entitled The Aldine, Typographical Art Journal Volume IV. Wear from age, see photos. Measures approx. 11" x 16".
15788.Pair of older Delaware County High School basketball tournament programs from 1938 and 1939. Wear common with age, tons of great local names. Teams include Ashley, Radnor, Ostrander, Berlin, Harlem, Hyatts, Brown, Sunbury, Orange, Powell, Bellpoint and Galena. Each measures 5.5" x 8.5".
15789.Lot of antique/vintage children's books. Including some from the 1920's.
15790.Antique Holly Brand Bartlett Pears label. Great condition, measures 4.5" x 13".
15791.Set of three antique sad irons.
15792.Large lot of vintage clothing patterns. For reference, box measures 8.5" x 8.5" 15".
15793.Pair of vintage Barefoot Freedom size 7.5B heeled shoes.
15794.Vintage compote by Creation Vimax - made in Italy. Measures 7" in height and 8" in width.
15795.Lot of vintage/antique items including Crayola crayons, book strap in box and postcards.
15796.Antique Iroquois Number Box (metal) containing dozens of square paper letters for forming words. Measures approx. 3" x 6".
15797.Vintage brass stencils in storage container. The letter stencils measures approx. 2.5" in height and can fit together.
15798.Vintage Amsco Shu-Shine Bank for Kiddies shoe polishing set. Includes foot rest, brush and change dispenser. Measures 8" in height and 8.5" in length.
15799.Set of three antique sad irons, smallest of which measures 2.5" in height (wooden handle).
15800.Antique Ober Mfg. - Chagrin Falls, OH sleeve/collar sad iron. Measures 7.5" in total length.
15801.Very nice small antique Fairbanks scale with floral painted decorations. Excellent condition and seems to work perfectly. The sleeve for the weight is split, but almost looks by design. Stands approx. 4" in height and 9" in length.
15802.Haeger Pottery table lamp measuring 24" in height.
15803.Antique oil lamp (possibly missing upper globe) with floral decorations. Lamp components marked "Fort Pitt". With chimney, measures approx. 20" in height.
15804.Large antique Perko hand held school bell, stands approx. 12" in height. Clapper is missing but can be easily remedied.
15805.Smaller hand held school bell, standing approx. 5.5" in height. Bell does appear to have fracture (pictured).
15806.Antique doll measuring approx. 20" in height. Some wear as expected with age.
15807.Antique doll measuring approx. 16" in height. Some wear as expected with age. Stand not included.
15808.Antique German doll standing approx. 15" in height. Marked base of head, "AMO 1/2 DEP - Made in Germany". Overall good condition but wear consistent with age. Stand not included.
15809.Antique Rosebud doll with loose hair. Measures 17" in height, stand not included.
15810.Antique Rosebud doll. Measures 17" in height, stand not included.
15811.Large vintage porcelain Googly Eye/Kewpie doll marked Made in Japan. Measures approx. 7" in height.
15812.Vintage doll standing approx. 16" in height. Stand not included.
15813.Antique doll standing approx. 10" in height. Stand not included.
15814.Pair of vintage plush dolls. The largest measures approx. 14" in length.
15815.Antique doll with porcelain head. Body has come apart and sawdust has escaped, mostly contained within the bag.
15816.Vintage Jimmy Nelson's Danny O' Day ventriloquist doll. Measures approx. 27" in height.
15817.Antique electrified hurricane lamp with floral decorations. With chimney, stands approx. 20" in height. Some wear to base rim of upper globe.
15818.Set of four vintage dolls that have been repainted. Largest measures approx. 16" in height.
15819.Ford Motor Company Precision Collection 100 1964 1/2/ Ford Mustang Convertible. 1:18 scale diecast car.
15820.Antique wooden wrapped metal storage container. Possibly for fuel or oil of some sort. Measures approx. 11" in height. Stenciling visible but cannot be deciphered.
15821.Set of 11 misc. Marion, OH commemorative plates.
15822.Set of seven misc. commemorative plates.
15823.Lot of 45 rpm records with normal wear.
15824.Box lot #1 of plastic ERTL farm toys.
15825.Box lot #2 of plastic ERTL farm toys.
15826.Wooden shelf measuring 7" in depth and 36" in length.
15827.16" x 26" wooden two tiered magazine rack.
15828.Vintage Amsco metal highchair measuring approx. 29" in height. Base measures 11" in width.
15829.Vintage brown/crème baby buggy measuring approx. 8" in width and 23" in height.
15830.Vintage brown/crème Turner baby buggy standing approx. 21".
15831.Vintage metal and wood Susy Goose sweeper standing approx. 19.5" in height. Base measures approx. 6.5" in width.
15832.Antique reel mower toy that appears to be operational.
15833.Vintage metal and wood Susy Goose sweeper standing approx. 19.5" in height. Base measures approx. 6.5" in width.
15834.Vintage metal Susy Goose dustpan standing approx. 18" in height. Pan measures approx. 9" in width.
15835.Wooden doll cradle measuring 10.5" x 11" x 20".
15836.Pair of folding doll chairs in great condition. Each stands approx. 6.5" in width and 8.5" in height.
15837.Wooden doll highchair measuring 8" in width and 19" in height.
15838.Older wooden doll cradle in pink measuring 7" in height and 14" in length.
15839.Antique refinished blue baby buggy. Excellent condition, measures approx. 24" in length (not including handle) with handle measuring 36" in length.
15840.Metal collapsible stroller in need of upholstery. Stands 22.5" in height.
15841.Vintage electric Sunny Suzy toy iron with wooden handle - untested. Measures 6" in length.
15842.Pair of vintage Sunny Suzy toy irons, one with plug. Untested, 5" in length.
15843.Vintage metal toy ironing board measuring 8" x 22" x 27".
15844.Vintage wicker style stroller with wear consistent with age. Measures approx. 24" in length and in height.
15845.Vintage tin refrigerator by Wolverine. Good condition with normal wear, measures 6.5" x 9.5" x 17".
15846.Vintage tin stove/oven by Marx. Measures 7" x 11.5" x 12.5". Good condition with normal wear, oven door stays open slightly.
15847.Large tin dollhouse with great details and graphics. Cannot locate a maker's mark. Measures 9.5" x 17" x 28.5".
15848.Teacher Barbie doll in box.
15849.Vintage tin lunchbox, missing one handle. Measures 4" x 4.75" x 7".
15850.Antique press back rocking chair measuring 27" in height. Some wear as pictured.
15851.Refinished blue wooden doll highchair. Measures 31" in height.
15852.Vintage doll swinging chair, needs one string for operation. When folded, measures 26" in height.
15853.Antique doll stroller in good condition for its age. Wear consistent with use, could use new fabric. Measures approx. 12" x 32" x 35".
15854.Antique metal doll stroller in need of restoration. Stands approx. 30" in height.
15855.Lifestyler CardioFit Plus exercise bike in good condition.
15856.Misc. left handed golf clubs in red bag.
15857.Men's Cougar gold clubs with blue tripod bag.
15858.Antique metal lamp with twisted post, stands 58" in height.
15859.Tasco 301005 telescope, appears in good condition, untested.
15860.Pair of older parasols, largest measures 20" in length.
15861.Remington Model 1100 28" 12 gauge shot barrel. Unsure if used, untested.
15862.Antique school desk with cast iron legs. Measures 12" x 21" x 24".
15863.Antique multi-colored school desk chair with cast iron legs. Measures 14" x 21.5" x 26". Item does fold.
15864.Set of three organizing items.
15865.8" digital picture frame, untested.
15866.Three brass colored light fixtures. Smallest measures 7" wide and largest measures 10" wide.
15867.Holstein dish set including mugs, pitcher and more. Tallest piece measures approx. 7" in height.
15868.Set of three green ceramic decorations. Tallest measures 7" in height, longest is 10" in length.
15869.Pair of 12" teal ceramic vases.
15870.Churchill tea pot and tea cup.
15871.Orange compote standing approx. 7" in height.
15872.Misc. door hardware and faucet.
15873.Box lot of modern books.
15874.Large box of doll appraisal books from previous years.
15875.Bag stuffed with misc. men's ties.
15876.HP Photosmart 475 printer (untested) and laptop platform.
15877.Lot of misc. glassware and decorations.
15878.Set of six figural metal pencil sharpeners.
15879.Lot of misc. glassware and decorations. One piece marked Hull.
15880.Tub full of misc. candles.
15881.Lot of lamps and glass shades.
15882.Misc. household lot including phone, bears and dolls.
15883.Box of misc. towels and linens.
15884.Framed images, radio, wood bowl and more.
15885.Large unused photo frame measuring 28.5" x 41".
15886.Pair of fishing poles and composite longbow.
15887.Misc. family games.
15888.Lot of misc. vintage items including dominos, figurines, Viewmaster and more.
15889.Vintage Marutomoware planter. Has wear but overall good condition. Measures 6.5" in height.
15890.Pair of vintage Ford Ceramic Arts pitchers, one in green and one in red. Good condition, each stands 4" in height.
15891.Lot of misc. vintage advertising pencils.
15892.45 rpm Platter-Pak container.
15893.Nordic Track aerobic ski machine.
15894.Lifestyler 300 rowing machine.


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