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Item Description
15900.Encased coin collection including 1882 Morgan, 1944 Walking Liberty, 1929 Standing Liberty, 1937 Mercury dime, 1930 Buffalo nickel and 1906 Indian Head penny.
15901.1927 Peace Dollar with wear.
15902.1923 Peace Dollar with wear.
15903.1882 Morgan Dollar.
15904.1921 Peace Dollar.
15905.Set of three Eisenhower dollars including 1971, 1972 and 1976.
15906.1942 Walking Liberty half dollar.
15907.S Walking Liberty half dollar with year worn off.
15908.1944-S Walking Liberty half dollar.
15909.1959 Franklin half dollar.
15910.1853 Large Cent.
15911.1833 Large Cent. Pair of 1937 Buffalo Nickels.
15912.Set of three Liberty Head V Nickels - 1903, 1906 and 1908.
15913.Set of four Mercury Dimes - 192X, 1935 and (x2) 1939.
15914.Set of five Indian Head pennies - 1903, (x2) 1906 and (x2) 1907.
15915.Antique 1919 Stark County dog license tag.
15916.One ounce silver bar from The Washington Mint.
15917.Antique Muehlebach Hotel - Kansas City, MO room717 key.
15918.Pair of antique Kaufman Brothers - "O-Boy" miniature pipes. Each measures about 2.5" in length.
15919.Set of three currency pieces - 1957 A $1 Silver Certificate, 1957 B Silver Certificate and 1995 $2 Bill.
15920.Large lot of early 1900's advertising cards for political figures - looks like a majority from Pickaway County. Most are 4" in length.
15921.Miniature $10 and $20 gold pieces.
15922.Set of seven 1913 Columbus, OH flood postcards.
15923.Antique Halloween post card.
15924.1909 to 1940 Lincoln Cent booklet with several coins. Also included is a pair of buffalo nickels.
15925.Native American celt, unknown origin. Measures 4" in length.
15926.Pair of antique trade pipe heads.
15927.Lot of antique "Sweet Caporal Cigarette" cards featuring prominent female entertainers of the period. Most measure 2.5" in length.
15928.9.5" antique black crock in good condition, does not have lid.
15929.9.5" antique black crock in good condition, lid is included.
15930.Antique Dazey four quart butter churn in great condition - appears to be complete. No flaws with glass observed, just needs cleaned as it sat for years atop shelf in kitchen. Stands approx. 14" in height.
15931.Antique Way Rite scale in operating condition. Measures 9" in height.
15932.Vintage donkey (Democratic possibly) decanter in good condition. Measures approx. 11" in height.
15933.Set of four vintage Old Reliable Coffee and Tea nesting canisters. Largest measures 7" in height and smallest 5.75" in height.
15934.Vintage brown and white Pyrex mixing bowl measuring 10.5" in width.
15935.Vintage brown and white Pyrex mixing bowl measuring 7.5" in width.
15936.Vintage brown and gold Pyrex mixing bowl measuring 13" in width.
15937.Antique coffee grinder in great operating condition. Measures 10" in total height.
15938.Ornate, heavy, antique coffee grinder. Cast iron wheel measures 9.5" in diameter, total height is 13". Possibly restored as it is in excellent condition.
15939.Vintage Brush covered wagon cookie jar with dog. Measures 10" in length. Good overall condition, see photos for details.
15940.Vintage Shawnee corn cob covered dish measuring 10" in length.
15941.Large 11.5" diameter Fenton white ruffled edge bowl.
15942.Vintage J. Chein & Co. pressed Easter Bunny toy with wagon. Measures 7" in height and 11" in width.
15943.Vintage Mountain Express #3525 pressed train measuring 15.5" in length.
15944.Vintage Hull vase measuring 6" in height and 11.5" in length.
15945.Modern cast iron insect boot jack measuring approx. 8.5" in length.
15946.Vintage brass and shell toothpick holder standing 1.75" in height. Some missing grout it appears.
15947.Antique wooden butter press standing 4.5" in height. Modern small press included as well.
15948.Heavy vintage stone and brass keepsake box. Measures 3" in tall, 7" wide and 5" in depth.
15949.Pair of small antique cobalt glass shakers with sterling sleeves. Each stands 2.5" in height.
15950.Solid 6" glass clown figurine, possible paperweight or doorstop.
15951.Heavy modern cast iron dachshund boot scraper. Measures 13.5" in length.
15952.Vintage Bancroft Mfg. donkey countertop display. Through research it appears to have been a cigarette dispenser. Measures 10" in height.
15953.Large wooden tenderizer/mallet measuring 4.5" wide at bottom and 14.5" in length.
15954.Antique Clark Bros. - Zanesville, OH decanter barrel. Marked "Patented May 17 1899. Great condition, measures 5.25" in diameter and 7.5" in height.
15955.Smaller wooden tenderizer/mallet measuring 12" in length.
15956.Blue Fenton bell with painted winter theme. Stands 6" in height.
15957.Blue glass horse figuring measuring 3.75" in height. Marked "1979".
15958.Vintage custard colored Fenton donkey. Measures 4" in height and 4.5" in length.
15959.6.5" custard colored glass bell believed to be Fenton. Signed "S. Johnson".
15960.7" custard colored glass vase with ruffled edges. Appears to be Fenton, marked "Hand Painted by Alice Farley".
15961.Vintage brass ceremonial/wedding chalice. Measures 8" in height.
15962.Vintage canine wall hanging measuring 7" in height.
15963.Pair of small antique vases both featuring women. One marked "Austria", the other "Bavaria". Tallest stands 4.75" in height.
15964.Set of five antique padlocks that have been coated in lacquer. Largest measures 4" in height.
15965.Lot of antique skeleton and barrel keys.
15966.Antique 4" floral hat pin holder.
15967.Antique 4" floral hat pin holder, marked "Germany".
15968.Pair of antique hat pin holders. Largest stands 4.5" in height.
15969.Antique 5.5" floral hat pin holder, marked "Germany".
15970.Antique 5" Nippon floral hat pin holder.
15971.Lot of six antique hat pins, the longest measures 10" in length.
15972.Lot of five antique hat pins including jeweled snake decoration. Longest measures 8.5" in length.
15973.Antique brown crock with cork. Top of crock stands approx. 5.5" in height.
15974.Collectible blue EC Booz's Old Cabin Whiskey bottle. Likely a vintage reproduction. Stands approx. 7.5" in height.
15975.Glass dog standing 2.75" in height.
15976.Glass French Bulldog candy container standing 3.5" in height.
15977.Glass camel, possibly a candy container, measuring 4.5" in height and 6" in length.
15978.Antique Vapo Cresoline medical vaporizer lamp. Excellent condition, stands approx. 6" in height.
15979.Antique 4" wide hair receiver in great condition.
15980.4" wide wooden hair receiver in great condition.
15981.Antique 4" wide hair receiver in great condition.
15982.Antique 4" wide hair receiver in great condition, marked "Bavaria".
15983.Antique 4.75" wide hair receiver in great condition.
15984.Antique Scottie dog shaving brush measuring 6.5" in length. Marked "Marutomoware - Made in Japan".
15985.Vintage ruffled green bowl with hand painted flowers. Unmarked, measures 6" in width.
15986.Vintage 1979 Shackman Santa Claus candy container, stands 6" in height.
15987.Set of three antique ruby souvenir glasses. Tallest measures 4" in height.
15988.Set of five antique ruby glass souvenirs. Tallest measures 4" in height.
15989.Antique Abraham Lincoln CDV measuring 2.5" x 4". Good condition, printed in Newark, OH.
15990.Vintage metal car bank with license plate reading "1908". Measures 3.5" in height and 5.5" in length.
15991.Antique WM. Brunt pheasant platter. Made in East Liverpool, OH. Rim chip on reverse, measures 14" in length.
15992.Antique hand painted oyster plate measuring 8.5" in width. Marked on back, "J.P.L. France - M. Augustus". Great condition.
15993.Large vintage brass bear sculpture measuring 12" in height. Unmarked - great condition.
15994.Reproduction cast iron dog nut cracker. Measures 8" in length.
15995.Vintage brass Timberjack donkey bottle opener measuring 3" in height.
15996.Heavy 7" glass fish decoration.
15997.Bag of 110 handmade bird points by Ashkii.
15998.Vintage white Pyrex baking dish measuring 10" in length.
15999.Unmarked antique cheese dome dish. Wear consistent with age, stands 5.5" in height. Base measures 9" in length.
16000.Antique cheese dome dish. Wear consistent with age, stands 7" in height. Base measures 10" in length.
16001.Modern cast iron standard size teapot.
16002.Cast iron lot including sad iron and match safe.
16003.Pair of glass bowls, possibly Erickson. Longest, yellow, measures 9" in length.
16004.Vintage glass powder horn decanter measuring approx. 9" in length.
16005.Vintage Mosser 5.5" in blue glass pony.
16006.Pair of blue glass figurines. Pig marked "Westmoreland". 3" in length.
16007.Antique/vintage collectible lot including Shirley Temple mug, cameo brooch, Ann Hathaway's Cottage and more.
16008.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet marked "Royal Rose".
16009.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet signed "June Flory".
16010.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet signed but cannot decipher.
16011.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet marked "Dresden Germany".
16012.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet initialed "VN".
16013.Antique 5.5" hot plate/trivet marked "Bavaria".
16014.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet initialed "ES".
16015.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet marked "Germany".
16016.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet marked "C Olive Westerman 1907".
16017.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet marked but not clear.
16018.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet, unmarked.
16019.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet marked "Leuchtenberg Germany".
16020.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet marked "M Fortain".
16021.Antique 6" hot plate/trivet marked "Made in Japan".
16022.Antique 6.5" hot plate/trivet, unmarked.
16023.Antique 6" hot plate/trivet marked "Leuchtenberg Germany".
16024.Antique 5.5" hot plate/trivet marked "Bavarian China Germany".
16025.Vintage 6.5" hot plate/trivet by Frankoma.
16026.12" x 14" crock with modern stenciling.
16027.10" x 20" five gallon crock jug.
16028.10" x 17.5" six gallon crock with wear, see photos.
16029.Antique Hoosier water pump standing 18" in height.
16030.23.5" tall blue milk can.
16031.Antique wooden storage box in excellent condition. Heavy piece, measures 14" x 15.5" x 9.5". One of the missing keyhole escutcheons has been located. We found replacements online.
16032.Antique sewing box for Waterbury Needle Co. Great condition, measures 10" x 18" x 10".
16033.Antique Canco copper boiler with normal wear. Measures 18" in height and 28" in length.
16034.Set of four antique Hand Painted Nippon containers. Tallest measures 2.75" in height.
16035.Pair of Hand Painted Nippon tea pieces including sugar dish and cream container. Tallest measures 3" in height.
16036.Set of eight antique Hand Painted Nippon dishes. Largest measures 10" in length.
16037.Set of six antique Hand Painted Nippon dishes, each measures 3" in width.
16038.Pair of Hand Painted Nippon pieces, plate measures 6" in diameter for reference.
16039.Antique Hand Painted Nippon round storage container. Top piece needs glued back into hinge bracket. Measures 5.5" in diameter.
16040.Lot of antique postcards.
16041.Set of Nobility Magic Moment flatware and box.
16042.Carved wooden box measuring 7.5" x 12" x 7". Lock included.
16043.Large lot of antique pieces all marked "Occupied Japan". Tallest piece measures 3.5" in height.
16044.11 piece antique tea set marked I.E. & C. Co. Great condition, top for pot was found after photos were taken. Pitcher stands 9.5" in height for reference.
16045.Set of Heisey dishes, all marked with "Diamond H" hallmark. Plates measure 5.25" in diameter for reference.
16046.Lot of cut glass style pieces.
16047.Lot of oil lamps and chimneys.
16048.Set of four antique varying color dishes.
16049.Vintage kitchen lot including cookie jar, corn bread pan and more.
16050.Pair of antique rug beaters.
16051.Hand painted Mail Pouch Tobacco saw in excellent condition. Signed "Greta Hamm".
16052.Hand Painted Mail Pouch Tobacco skillet in excellent condition. Very large skillet, pan head is 20" wide and the total length of skillet with handle is approx. 44". Signed "Mathew".
16053.Antique 12.5" x 15.5" photo in frame.
16054.Antique hand tinted photo with oval frame, in great condition. Frame measures 25" in height.
16055.Lot of vintage figurines.
16056.Large lot of salts #1.
16057.Large lot of salts #2.
16058.Lot of antique dishes by various makers #1.
16059.Lot of antique dishes by various makers #2.
16060.Lot of nine antique plates by various makers.
16061.Lot of 14 antique blue themed plates by various makers.
16062.Pitchers and bowl.
16063.Lot of figurines including roosters and donkeys.
16064.Fostoria coin glass dish measuring 6" in height.
16065.Antique 3.75" tall shaving mug.
16066.Antique 3.75" tall shaving mug.
16067.Antique 3" tall "Think Of Me" shaving mug.
16068.Antique 3" tall "A Present" shaving mug.
16069.Ohio State Buckeyes lot including gnome, Brutus and concrete decoration.
16070.Large lot of Betty Boop items including clock and calendar.
16071.Large lot of depression style glassware in various colors and patterns.
16072.Large lot of clear glass #1.
16073.Large lot of clear glass #2.
16074.Home décor lot including pair of new Delta towel bars.
16075.Samsonite luggage briefcase.
16076.Detrola record/cassette/CD player. Untested, needs new needle.
16077.Black and Decker toaster oven, untested.
16078.Modern vanity with swivel mirror and stool. Measures 16" x 27.5" x 50.5".
16079.Antique 36" tall spindle back chair stamped "P. Derby & Co. Inc." in great shape.
16080.Vintage round end table measuring 22.5" in width and 26" in height.
16081.Unusual antique cast iron plant/candle holder. All arms rotate and can be removed by taking the threaded portion off of the top. Heavy piece, unique, great for indoor or outdoor décor. Stands 42" in height, each platter measures 5" in width.
16082.Vintage wooden spring rocker in great condition. Measures 37.5" in height.
16083.Vintage child's size ice cream stool standing 23" tall.
16084.Vintage rectangular side table with inlaid style top. Stands 19" tall, top measures 16" x 21.5".
16085.Children's writing desk and chair. Great shape, desk stands 33" in height.
16086.Vintage round end table measuring 22" in width and 26" in height. Marked on tag, "Maddox Tables".
16087.Vintage tilt top table in good condition. Measures 18" in width and 24" in height.
16088.Nice Heywood Wakefield tea cart in good shape. Casters on front come out but that appears to be the only issue. Top measures 19" x 28". Leaves each add an additional 8". Stands 28" in height.
16089.Vintage upholstered cane back chair. Stands 42" in height.
16090.Vintage metal Greyhound smoking stand with dish. Stands approx. 28" in height.
16091.Vintage metal smoking stand with dish. Stands approx. 27" in height.
16092.Very nice antique table with four chairs. Great craftsmanship and looks like it has been refinished at one time. The table measures 42" x 42". Table has the option for a leaf but none was found. Five turned legs, all on casters (some fall out when lifted).
16093.Vintage wooden stand with insert. One leg split at seam, just needs glued. Measures 25" in height.
16094.Modern drop leaf side table measuring 24" in height.
16095.Vintage magazine/newspaper rack in good condition. Stands approx. 17" in height.
16096.Wooden shelf measuring 33.5" x 36".
16097.Large round top table in need of new screws to attach to base. Top measures 32" in width and stands 29" in height.
16098.Vintage brass bed headboard and footboard. Great for repurposing, intended use, or garden décor.
16099.Twin Star electric fireplace, untested.
16100.Vintage coat rack with golden hooks, 65" in height.
16101.Adjustable floor lamp measuring 57" in height.
16102.24" metal holder/decoration.
16103.Vintage tabletop vanity. One piece of wood (end cap) needs reglued but is present. Measures 8" x 19.5" x 27".
16104.Modern willow tree styled table lamp standing 18" in height.
16105.Modern wooden bread box.
16106.Pair of ash buckets.
16107.Pair of vintage galvanized watering cans.
16108.Picture/frame lot #1.
16109.Picture/frame lot #2.
16110.Signed and numbered Mail Pouch Tobacco print. Numbered "4/200" and signed "David E Maple". Measures 24.5" x 29".
16111.Large vintage Budweiser Clydesdales print. Measures 23" x 36".
16112.Large 40" x 60" modern print with texture. Made by Uttermost.
16113.Great wooden and glass showcase measuring 3.75" x 19" x 24".
16114.Beautiful antique dresser in excellent condition. Item features dovetailed drawers, carved accents and great grain pattern. Key included - measures 18" x 39" x 39". Stamped "Columbus, OH".
16115.Beautiful antique drop front desk with shelving. Unusual shape, some minor wear. The side columns measures 12" x 12.5" x 47". Total width of entire piece is 49". Key for doors included. Drop front is unlocked but doesn't include a key.
16116.Beautiful antique bow front curio cabinet with carved accents and ball and claw feet. Very good condition, minor wear to wood, no cracks in glass. Item measures 16" x 41" x 68.5". One blemish is that the front foot, as pictured, has a piece that has separated, however it is present and can simply be glued back on. Key is included.
16117.Modern roll top desk with minor wear. Measures approx. 48" in width.
16118.Beautiful vintage drop front secretary in great condition. Measures 16" x 34" x 81". Key included for shelving but none were found for desk front.
16119.Vintage homemade doll house with nice personal touches. This did come from the main room where smoking occurred, so it will need cleaned. Measures 26" x 34"x 36".
16120.Doll furniture lot #1. Many antique and handmade pieces. Need cleaned as they have been stored and are musty.
16121.Doll furniture lot #2. Many antique and handmade pieces. Need cleaned as they have been stored and are musty.
16122.Doll furniture lot #3. Many antique and handmade pieces. Need cleaned as they have been stored and are musty.
16123.Doll furniture lot #4. Many antique and handmade pieces. Need cleaned as they have been stored and are musty.
16124.Matching large four post bed boards and frame. Total width is 63.75" Each post with finial stands approx. 7' in height. Great shape.
16125.Matching side table measuring 17" x 23.5" x 26".
16126.Matching dresser with mirror measuring 18" x 34" x 64". Mirror adds an additional 54" to height.
16127.Matching two piece chest of drawers measuring 18.5" x 39" x 75".
16128.Matching full length mirror standing 72" in height.
16129.Modern wash stand with pitcher and bowl. Stands 53" in height.
16130.Pink and white oil lamp. Shades may have some edge wear. Stands 25" in height.
16131.Blue and white oil lamp. Shades may have some edge wear. Stands 25.5" in height.
16132.Crème and green oil lamp. Shades may have some edge wear. Stands 24.5" in height.
16133.Gold and white oil lamp. Shades may have some edge wear. Stands 24" in height.
16134.Carved 26.5" tall wooden bear. Heavy item, good condition.
16135.Two tubs of Christmas decorations.
16136.Four vintage/antique pictures.
16137.Pair of electrified glass lamps standing 24.5" in height.
16138.Set of four modern lamps.
16139.Powerwasher brand power washer.
16140.Tub of 33 RPM records including Tom Jones, Ray Price and Ray Charles.
16141.Vintage art deco floor lamp with jade style accents. Stands 59.5" in height.
16142.Vintage sewing stand with front drawers and side cabinets. Normal wear for age. Measures 26" wide and 29" in height.
16143.Cast metal three tiered shelf. One figure broken as pictured.
16144.Antique apple crate and repurposed coat rack.
16145.Skilsaw circular saw.
16146.Kenmore heater in working condition.
16147.Box lot of decorative garden bulbs.
16148.Shoe last lot.
16149.Sewing basket and tin full of buttons.
16150.Set of four antique advertising button hooks.
16151.Vintage Remington 4126 skinning knife.
16152.1917 Ohio Hunting License pin back button. Measures just over an inch in width.
16153.Pair of vintage Ford hubcaps, each measures 9.5" in width.
16154.Antique 4" brass lock marked "Post & Co. - Cin. O.". Great shape.
16155.4" fossilized fish (Diplomystus).
16156.Straight razor, The Crater, and metal case.
16157.Lot of ten items all marked Sterling. For reference, vase in center measures 6" in length.
16158.Vintage, heavy, Crystal Ice Co. ice pick. Measures 8" in length.
16159.6" cast iron Native American bank.
16160.Lot of three tintypes, cases have wear.
16161.Large 1999 dancing Jar Jar Binks toy.
16162.Lot of arrowheads, unknown origin.
16163.Vintage military helmet, possibly WW2, no liner.
16164.Vintage Howdy Doody toy.
16165.Vintage oil lamp with pewter-like vase.
16166.Antique box lot including bird whistle, valet badge, button hooks and more.
16167.Antique box lot including hair pieces, lighters, pocket knives and more.
16168.Antique box lot including nesting hen, marbles and more.
16169.Large lot of modern/vintage costume jewelry.
16170.Antique box lot including pocket watch for parts, political pins, lucky pennies and more.
16171.War ration books, postcards and calendar.
16172.Honda motorcycle helmet.
16173.Misc. box lot #1.
16174.Misc. box lot #2.
16175.Misc. box lot #3.
16176.Misc. box lot #4.
16177.Misc. box lot #5.
16178.Misc. box lot #6.
16179.Misc. box lot #7.
16180.Misc. box lot #8.
16181.Misc. box lot #9.
16182.Misc. box lot #10.
16183.Misc. box lot #11.
16184.Misc. box lot #12.
16185.Misc. box lot #13.
16186.Misc. box lot #14.
16187.Misc. box lot #15.
16188.Misc. box lot #16.
16189.Misc. box lot #17.
16190.Misc. box lot #18.
16191.Misc. box lot #19.
16192.Misc. box lot #20.
16193.Misc. box lot #21.
16194.Misc. box lot #22.
16195.Misc. box lot #23.
16196.Misc. box lot #24.
16197.Misc. box lot #25.
16198.Misc. box lot #26.


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