Howard Auctions LLC

Item Description
17375.Solid, well built, upright jewelry chest with eight drawers, two drawers and folding top. Great condition, heavy, measures 14.5" x 17.5" x 40".
17376.Four drawer wicker and metal corner stand. Measures 12" deep, 17" wide and 38" in height.
17377.Blue spongeware pitcher and bowl by Roseville. Pitcher stands 8.5" in height, bowl measures 11.5" in diameter.
17378.Beautiful large vintage Capodimonte floral center piece measures 8" in depth, 8.5" in height and 13" in width. Everything appears to be in great condition.
17379.Modern floral pitcher and bowl by Castelli. Bowl measures 14.5" in diameter and pitcher stands 13" in height.
17380.16" tall white ceramic vase with unfinished type surface.
17381.Nice, newer, entryway/mudroom bench measures 44" in length. Bottom drawers move for storage underneath. Measures 15.5" in depth and 20.5" in height.
17382.Soleusair 70 Pint Dehumidifier. Clean unit, appears to be in great condition - untested.
17383.Three heavy architectural wall sconces. Pair each measure 11" in height, the largest measures 21" in height.
17384.Beautiful decorative bust of woman with crown by Toscano. Great condition, composite material, stands 18.5" in height.
17385.Set of four metal wall sconces, each measuring 8.5" in height.
17386.Pair of Iron Gym ProXFit doorway pullup bars.
17387.Aluminum Gorilla Ladders scaffolding. Provides user with 20" in additional height and measures 47" in length.
17388.Metal animal crate measuring 24" x 18" x 21".
17389.Metal animal crate measuring 36" x 24" x 26".
17390.Modern style three leg chair with blue upholstery. Very comfortable, perfect for reading. Measures 34" in height.
17391.Set of four metal and wood parlor chairs. Ready to be refinished.
17392.Folding gaming chair with inputs and speakers. Good condition - speaker covers (plastic) are damaged.
17393.Large black Samsonite luggage bag measuring 23" in height and 28" in width.
17394.Everest & Jennings collapsible wheelchair in great condition.
17395.Black metal plant stand. Top opening measures 13" in diameter, item stands 31" in height.
17396.Vintage Telechron school wall clock in great condition. Dials work as they should, appears to just need cleaned up. Measures 15.5" in diameter.
17397.Unmarked antique cast iron scale with removable dish. Measures approx. 12" in total length.
17398.Nice early wash stand ringer by Bicycle. Just needs cleaned up - perfect for decoration. Without handle, main frame measures 14.5" x 15".
17399.Probably the nicest Dazey butter churn that we have sold to date. No. 40 - everything operates as it should, original label still intact. Stands 14" in height.
17400.Set of three metal ammunition canisters in excellent condition. Each measures 7" in height and 10.5" in length.
17401.8MM reels and film. Mostly homemade movies, one entitled "Sunday Nudes".
17402.Pair of older lion figurines, one ceramic and one chalk ware. Largest measures 8.5" in length.
17403.Antique iron ice tongs measures 16.5" in length.
17404.Set of six antique sad irons by misc. manufacturers.
17405.Large lot of glass insulators. Many different shapes and colors.
17406.Set of four vintage Pontiac wire wheel rims. Each measures 16.5" in diameter - all appear to be in good shape.
17407.Vintage tacklebox and contents including Johnson Century reel.
17408.Box lot of vintage/antique tools including rasps, hammer and much more.
17409.Vintage Continental Scale Works scale that just needs cleaned up. Measures approx. 10" in height, 19" in depth and 21" in length.
17410.Antique iron hanging scale with embossed star. Great condition, measures 20.5" in length.
17411.Vintage homemade wooden tool chest with insert. Measures 10" tall, 10" deep and 27" long.
17412.Small Wallace Nutting signed print. Print unaffected from water damage but matting does have some marks. Overall size is 7" x 9".
17413.Antique bottle carrying container. Stands 10.5" in height.
17414.Set of four vintage glass milk bottles by various manufacturers. Small cream bottle marked Columbus. Tallest stands 9.5" in height.
17415.Vintage fruit crate by Red Rooster. Flamed Tokays appear to have been a grape. Measures 14.5" 17.5".
17416.Antique Indestro Mfg. Co. bottle capper standing 21" in height.
17417.Large, heavy, vintage vise that works as intended. Measures 8" in height and 17" in total length.
17418.Antique 1914 pipe vise that needs cleaned up - could be used for decoration. Measures 12" wide and 16" in height.
17419.Tub full of antique/vintage tools including level, cobbler's hammer and more.
17420.Tub full of antique/vintage tools including mallet, bottle jack and more.
17421.Primitive three shelf wooden box measuring 16" in height.
17422.Small vice by Wilton - stands 6" in height.
17423.115V 6" bench grinder in good condition.
17424.Vintage metal tool box with tools including unique small Crescent wrench in box. Measures 18" in length.
17425.Vintage metal My Buddy tool box with contents. Measures 19" in length.
17426.Vintage metal Park machinist type tool box with contents. Measures 20" in length.
17427.Pair of NOS handheld CB transceivers , model 3-5975. Untested but look to have never been used.
17428.Vintage NOS 12V Ah-Ooo-Gah horn that appears to have never been used. Measures 9.5" in length.
17429.Vintage NOS 12V Jubilee No. 68 Piggy Back Diesel horn. Still new in original plastic. Measures approx. 10" in total length.
17430.Older CB radio antenna and tune up kit.
17431.Box lot of glass insulators, bank and more.
17432.Lot of cast iron shoe lasts and stands.
17433.Box lot of antique/vintage photos and ephemera. Several posed horses, possibly LBJ related.
17434.Box lot full of misc. hardware, staple gun, heat gun, sockets and more.
17435.Vintage Craftsman 1.5HP air compressor. Untested appears to be in good condition, needs a cleaning.
17436.Antique Rex cast iron and wood paper roll holder. Good condition, again just needs cleaned up. Measures 24.5" in length.
17437.Spectra Tools scroll saw in good condition but untested. Measures 24" in length.
17438.Antique cast iron scale that seems to operate as intended. Good condition for its age. Measures 22" in width and 21.5" in length.
17439.Large antique Fairbanks cast iron scale in great used condition. Everything seems to operate as it should, ready to be refinished. Measures 20" wide, 22" deep and 26.5Antique cast iron scale that seems to operate as intended. Good condition for its
17440.Large antique cast iron bell complete with clapper and yoke. Great condition, does have some minor wear as pictured. A few small issues at the peak of the bell including chip, ding and small hole, blemishes will not affect display or use. Bell is 16" in diameter and yolk measures 19" in width.
17441.Primitive four shelf unit measuring Measures 9.5" x 12" x 29".
17442.Vintage brass torch with great Hades graphic still intact. Stands approx. 9.5" in height.
17443.Antique cow bell with clapper measuring 6.5" in length.
17444.This is what we believe to be a concretion. We sought help online and got responses covering identifying it as several things, including a Thunder Egg, rock crusher, cannonball and a hematite nodule. Please purchase for what you believe it to be. Heavy for its size, measures approx. 4.5" in diameter.
17445.Antique veterinary booklet with ad on reverse from M.M. Shaffer - Cardington, OH. Measures 5" x 8".
17446.Vintage 2 lb. JFG glass peanut butter jar in excellent condition with original lid. No blemishes observed. Stands approx. 4.5" in height and measures approx. 4.5" in diameter.
17447.Another unique item we aren't sure of. Possibly a small lamp lighter, smudge pot or signal lantern. Unusual as it only stands 4" in height. Marked The Tracy Wells Co., which were originally located in Columbus, OH. Great original condition. Unique item.
17448.Like new older Craftsman paint spray gun.
17449.Primitive homemade tool box with rope and handle made from garden tool. Stands 11" in height and measures 27.5" in length.
17450.Antique lot including sad irons, oil can, military buttons, receipt holder and more.
17451.Vintage Trenton steel letters. Appears to be complete. Box measures 5.5" in length.
17452.Pair of machinist tools including Browne & Sharpe micrometer and Starrett combination square.
17453.Lot of large, nice quality drill bits, see photos for details.
17454.Large vintage tool chest that is marked under the lid "Military Prop. Custodian - Ohio State University". Measures 13.5" in height, 19.5" in depth and 43" in length.
17455.Mirror measuring 27" x 33".
17456.Mirror measuring 31" x 43".
17457.Mirror measuring 35" x 45".
17458.Lot of antique tools including hand plane, monkey wrench, level and more.
17459.Lot of older handsaws.
17460.Long 79.5" level, marked Sand's No. 500 - Pat. 1914.