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Item Description
14301.Massive 7' tall metal eagle sculpture. Eagle features a fish in one foot and is attached to a globe, attached to a square base. Although metal, it is hollow, but still very heavy. Almost appears as if it could have adorned the roof of a building at one point. Some wear but in overall great condition. Possibly repairs to some areas, but difficult to tell under paint. Great piece to display at home or business. Special pickup can be arranged given the size of sculpture and specialized removal/loading needed.
14302.Very nice 43" tall cement Santa with naughty list. Some paint loss, but is ready for your touchups. Just in time for the holidays! Base measures approx. 24" wide.
14303.Vintage 14K gold ring with lavender stones. Ring is a size 7 as pictured. Stones are possibly amethysts but they have not been tested/verified.
14304.Antique 10K gold ring with opaque stones. Ring is a size 7 as pictured. Stones are possibly diamonds but they have not been tested/verified.
14305.Antique 14K gold ring with opaque stones. Ring is a size 7 as pictured. Band will need repaired. Stones are possibly diamonds but they have not been tested/verified.
14306.Vintage size 7.5 ring that appears to be gold, but the markings are too worn to be deciphered. Stones are possibly diamonds but have not been tested/verified.
14307.Antique 10K gold ring with opaque stone. Ring is a size 7 as pictured. Stone is possibly a diamond but has not been tested/verified.
14308.Vintage 10K gold ring with light blue and opaque stones. Ring is a size 6 as pictured. Stones are possibly aquamarine and diamonds but they have not been tested/verified.
14309.Set of three newer sterling silver rings. Items measure as sizes 6.5, 7.5 and 8. All are marked on the interior of band.
14310.Lot of non-precious costume jewelry including sterling silver bracelet.
14311.Gamo Shadow Express air shotgun/rifle. Nice condition, untested, but appears to be complete. Barrels unfolds as intended. Shoots pellets or pellet shot shells. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.
14312.Vintage Daisy BB gun in good condition. Operates as it should. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.
14313.Gamo P-23 air pistol. Nice condition, untested, but appears to be complete. Gun unfolds as intended. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.
14314.Shelving unit with drop down front. Item measures 15" x 30" x 72".
14315.Vintage six drawer dresser with mirror. Base measures 16" x 45". With mirror, unit stands 61" in height.
14316.Large, oversized chase lounge in great condition (one button missing - pictured). Measures 45" in height and nearly 6' in length.
14317.Antique, refinished dresser with updated nobs. Beautiful piece measuring 22" x 46" x 52".
14318.Wooden storage unit with hinged top. Measures 16" x 26.5" x 30".
14319.Primitive-style decoration with bucket, standing 29" tall.
14320.Large cushioned chair, appearing to match item 14316. Great condition, measuring 38" in height and 55" in width.
14321.Homemade wooden cabinet on casters. Measures 17" x 23" x 39".
14322.Great patio set including table with glass top and seven chairs (six plus one extra). Appears to be in excellent condition. Chairs stand 40" in height. Table measures 28" x 40" x 66".
14323.Three-seat cushioned couch with electric recliners. Measures 8' in total length, item is in great condition.
14324.Plush rocking horse on wooden rails. Stands 22" in height.
14325.Child's metal folding chair standing 24" tall.
14326.Plastic antique-style framed mirror standing 18" x 26".
14327.Vintage metal desk fan (plastic blade) in great condition. Stands approx. 17" in height.
14328.Adjustable electric desk lamp.
14329.Outdoor metal swing frame with hammock seat. Unit stand 6' tall and measures 7' in width.
14330.Outdoor reclining lounge chair. Base of feet measures 68" in total length.
14331.Small traffic cones and safety vests new in bags.
14332.10" tall cow bell without clapper.
14333.Vintage 1985 Carousel table top gum ball machine.
14334.Perfect personal size anvil measuring 10" in length and 4.5" in height.
14335.Elgin American Quartz clock with glass dome. Total height is 11".
14336.Reproduction of 1920 rotary-style phone. Stands 11" tall.
14337.Vintage Fire-King dish measuring 9" in total width.
14338.Box full of McDonald's Ty Beanie Baby toys new in boxes/bags.
14339.Box lot including telephones, iron and Hummingbird feeder.
14340.Set of five croc-like dishes. Taller item stands 7", smaller are 4.5".
14341.Large box full of misc. decorations and home goods including glass and ceramic pieces.
14342.Box lot including hanging lamps and wall decorations.
14343.Large lot including small fountains, snow globe and more. Tallest item measures approx. 14" in height.
14344.Metal General Store wall display measuring 13" x 20".
14345.Box lot including CDs, VHS tapes and books.
14346.Box lot containing dozens of DVDs.
14347.Lot of ceramic sunflower dishes including platters, shakers and more.
14348.Large Home and Garden snowman cookie jar. Item stands 8" tall and measures 10" wide.
14349.Lot of 33 RPM records including mostly classic rock.
14350.Set of three ceramic Christmas village decorations.
14351.Set of five ceramic Christmas village decorations.
14352.Set of four ceramic Christmas village decorations.
14353.Set of three ceramic Christmas village decorations.
14354.Set of three ceramic Christmas village decorations.
14355.Set of three ceramic Christmas village decorations.
14356.Box containing misc. blankets and linens, perfect for moving.
14357.Box of pots and pans.
14358.Box lot of glass items including vases and more.
14359.Box lot of car related items including NASCAR, Earnhardt and more.
14360.Office supplies box including printing calculator, paper rolls and more.
14361.Office supplies box including file organizer, notepads and more.
14362.Home décor box including thermometer, booster seat and more.
14363.Lot of five fishing poles and reels. Genesis, Durango and more.
14364.Tote full of misc. pig decorations - loads of items.
14365.Tote full of misc. pig decorations - loads of items.
14366.Misc. wooden home décor items including shelving and more. Tallest item measures approx. 22" in height.
14367.Box lot including utensils, Pyrex measuring cup, Lidia dishes and more.
14368.Box lot of kitchen items including plastic wear, measuring cups and more.
14369.Box lot of stuffed animals and pillows.
14370.Kitchen lot including basket, glass dish and more.
14371.Large lot of misc. kitchen items including glasses and more.
14372.Blow-mold snowman standing 40" tall.
14373.Blow-mold pumpkin standing 29" tall.
14374.Tool lot including flashlights, sockets and wrenches.
14375.Tool including Skilsaw circular saw, DeWalt drill and Craftsman battery operated hand tools.
14376.Weed Eater leaf blower noted as needing new fuel line.
14377.Power tool lot including circular saw, Black and Decker drill, Rotozip and more.
14378.Large tool lot including tape measurers, screwdrivers, palm sander and more.
14379.Brand new jumper cables.
14380.Pair of welding masks.
14381.Heavy duty plastic storage/protection case measuring 7" x 12" x 16".
14382.Tool lot including shop light, grinding discs, drill and more.
14383.Ryobi tools including reciprocating saw, light and chargers.
14384.Large tool lot including drill bit set, sockets and crescent wrenches.
14385.Vehicle lot including motorcycle tote bag, steering wheel lock, steering wheel cover and more.
14386.Black and Decker miter saw.
14387.Tool lot including square, sockets and brushes.
14388.New in box Irwin 4" mechanic's vise.
14389.Tool lot including trimmers, miter box, saws and level.
14390.Tiling tools lot in bucket.
14391.Set of four pipe wrenches, the largest of which measures 24" in length.
14392.Set of four pipe wrenches, the largest of which measures 24" in length.
14393.Large hammer/mallet lot, largest measuring 15.5" in length.
14394.Tool lot including hammers, mallets and body working forms.
14395.Tool lot including ball joint separators, bits, crowbar and more.
14396.Large lot of C-clamps including large 6" pieces.
14397.Tool lot including oil filter wrenches, torque wrench and more.
14398.Milk crate of tools including vise grips, pipe wrenches, wrenches and more.
14399.Blue-Point WR-30 ridge reamer.
14400.Carquest water pump, item number T4183.
14401.Come along in good condition.
14402.Workbench measuring 46.5" x 48".
14403.Black and decker multi-tool with charger and bag.
14404.Tools, leather pouch and funnels.
14405.Set of three precision tools including coolant pressure test, sensor tester and leak detector.
14406.MPSI Pro-Link 9000 diagnostic tool.
14407.Mac Tools TL83 timing light.
14408.ComfortGlow heater.
14409.Pair of granite pieces. Largest measures approx. 22" x 24", smaller measures approx. 12" x 12".
14410.Set of three totes of misc. Christmas decorations.
14411.Box of misc. Christmas ornaments.
14412.Tote of misc. holiday decorations.
14413.Small animal crate.
14414.Tote full of utensils, glassware and black rimmed dishes.
14415.Vintage Pyrex wheat pattern bowl measuring 13" in width.
14416.Set of five tire irons.
14417.Set of five tire irons.
14418.Modern pedestal table measuring 23" in height.
14419.Adult toilet chair.
14420.Children's wicker chair, needs work.
14421.Barstool standing 30" in height.
14422.Vintage rocking chair standing 36" in height.
14423.DynaGlo heater, just needs cleaned up.
14424.Craftsman power washer marked as working but needing pump and hose.
14425.Small wooden desk standing 26" tall.
14426.Pair of 6 ton jack stands.
14427.Pair of blue jack stands.
14428.Smaller red automotive jack.
14429.Older air tank.
14430.Automotive jack needing repair.
14431.Single tiered plastic shelf.
14432.Slate shingle decorations and blank slates.
14433.Four tiered plastic shelving unit. Stands 57.5" in height.
14434.2-in-1 slide/rocker toy, appears to be unused, please see photos.
14435.Set of three different Wii game packages.
14436.Lot of Magic the Gathering trading cards.
14437.Box lot including football helmets, stadium cushion, Vulcan tablet and more.
14438.2-1/2 ton automotive jack.
14439.Pair of children's potties.
14440.Children's wood and cast iron bench measuring 33" in length.
14441.Iron based foot stool standing 19" in height.
14442.Antique spindle legged stand standing 24" tall. Top could be refinished.
14443.Vintage library style chair standing 33" tall.
14444.Pair of Michael Kors handbag purses.
14445.Pair of heavy black/cream chairs. Each stands approx. 43" tall.
14446.Set of four metal bar stools, just in need of reupholstering. Each stands 43" in height.
14447.Very nice metal ERTL John Deere pedal tractor measuring nearly 36" in length.
14448.Pair of wooden sawhorses.
14449.Laundry basket on wheels, measuring 29" tall.
14450.Scott's seed spreader.
14451.Vintage two piece desk unit.
14452.Set of three fire extinguishers.
14453.Large lot of misc. diecast cars.
14454.Lot of six larger diecast cars.
14455.Set of five cars, four diecast.
14456.Large lot of small diecast cars.
14457.Diecast car display (four sided) measuring 20" in height.
14458.24" long metal Don's Towing sign.
14459.24"X 24" Don's Used Cars metal sign.
14460.Large box lot of tools including allen wrenches, screwdrivers and more.
14461.Box of crescent wrenches including many Craftsman.
14462.Box stuffed with snippers, pliers, clippers and more. You'll never run out with this box load.
14463.Box stuffed with sockets of different sizes and manufacturers. Again, you'll never run out with this box load.
14464.Tool lot including wire brushes, impact driver and more.
14465.Box lot of impact wrenches, deep well sockets and more.
14466.Box load of crescent wrenches by various manufacturers.
14467.Box load of screwdrivers by various manufacturers.
14468.Box load of sockets, wrenches and breaker bars.
14469.Box lot including bolt cutters, utility knife blades, radio and more.
14470.Small tub full of misc. drill bits.
14471.Folding chair and office chairs.
14472.Bucket including fittings and pry bar.
14473.Composite storage cabinet with plastic sheeting and tarps.
14475.Set of five various fuel cans.
14476.Wall lot including bungee cords, coconut head and more.
14478.Yard tool lot #2 - shovels, pitchfork, tire pump and more.
14479.Yard tool lot #3 - scoop shovel (w/ extra head), post hole diggers and more.
14480.Yard tool lot #4 - rake, shovels, axe and more.
14481.Four drawer HON filing cabinet.
14482.Pair of wooden seven section hanging cabinets, each measures 5" x 11" x 60".
14483.Older wooden cabinet ready to be refinished. Measures 15" x 26" x 30".
14484.Brother MFC fax/scan/copy machine.
14485.Newer desk with upper shelving. Measures 23" x 42.5" x 53".
14486.Metal cabinet with sliding bolt lock.
14487.Automotive light bulb cabinet and contents.
14488.Used pressure canner cooker.
14489.Breadman bread machine.
14490.Sunbeam bread maker.
14491.Toy car box lot.
14492.Huge lot of assorted keychains of all varieties.
14493.Lot of assorted canning jars.
14494.Lot of Matchbox folding play sets.
14495.Lot of assorted canning jars.
14496.University of Michigan fraternal paddle.
14497.Pair of antique/vintage special interest pictures. Easter print and Ohio Wesleyan photo. Largest measures 15" x 19".
14498.Large lot of automotive cleaning supplies.
14499.Nice, local, Delaware, OH Crown Bottling Works wooden crate. Measures 10.5" x 17".
14500.Milk crate full of diecast cars.
14501.Home goods box lot including utensils, serving dish and more.
14502.Utensil organizer, shoe polishing supplies and Christmas tins.
14503.Pair of wall hangings.
14504.Shelving unit measuring 12" x 22.5" x 52".
14505.Sink and cabinet measuring 19" x 36" x 36.5".
14506.Shelving unit measuring 9" x 24" x 36".
14507.Wooden shelving unit measuring 12" x 36" x 48".
14508.Stairstep plant stand measuring 41.5" in height.
14509.Misc. adult and children's golf clubs.
14510.Pair of semis including NAPA and GetGo. Longest is 23" in length.
14511.Tub of misc. Christmas village pieces.
14512.Indoor/outdoor rugs.
14513.Round white/brown four legged table measuring 48" wide. Two 12" leaves included.
14514.Hand cart with rear mounted rack.
14515.Pair of smaller, lightweight hand carts.
14516.Vintage chair with black upholstery.
14517.Garden decorations lot #1.
14518.Garden decorations lot #2.
14519.Tote of garden decorations including concrete stones and bird houses.
14520.Garden decorations lot #3.
14521.Box of various windchimes.
14522.Pair of garden statues, tallest is 21.5" tall.
14523.Poulan Pro string trimmer in good condition. Good compression.
14524.Umbrella style stroller.
14525.Car top storage bin.
14526.Pool ladder measuring 57" tall.
14528.Antique tool lot including pipe cutter, jack and more.
14529.Mid-century gas can.
14530.Pair of 3 ton jack stands.
14531.17" tall nail keg.
14532.Very unique, likely homemade, primitive display cabinet. Great piece to clean up and refinish. Measures 12.5" x 28.5" x 30".
14533.Vintage/antique shop pieces including shoe last, stool and more.
14534.Automobile fluid lot #1.
14535.Automobile fluid lot #2.
14536.Automobile fluid lot #3.
14537.Automobile fluid lot #4.
14538.Black and Decker grinder/wheel.
14539.Pair of older jacks.
14540.Pair of automobile wheel dollies.
14542.Large lot of misc. heavy duty cable.
14544.Milk crate of various ratchet straps.
14545.Looks to be brand new - GE Range Hood.
14546.Pair of aluminum crutches.
14547.Box of misc. wire and electrical components.
14548.Wooden chest measuring 16" x 19" x 39".
14549.Single tiered red rolling tool cabinet.
14550.Tool cabinet drawer lot #1.
14551.Tool cabinet drawer lot #2.
14552.Tool cabinet drawer lot #3.
14553.Pair of bolt cutters.
14554.Pair of axes/wedges.
14555.Extension cord lot #1.
14556.Extension cord lot #2.
14557.Misc. air hose lot.
14558.Hubcaps, hardware and more.
14559.Grip paint sprayer with airbrush, welding gloves and more.
14560.Large lot of misc. drill bits.
14561.Large Olympia Tool 5" vise. Stands 11" in height.
14562.Drill bits and plastic case.
14563.Power steering pulley kit and brake caliper tool sets.
14564.Two rolls of caution tape.
14565.Set of three partial socket sets.
14566.Roadside safety kit.
14567.Metal toolbox with many wrenches by Craftsman.
14568.Tool lot including grease gun, pry bar and more.
14569.Mirror and medicine cabinet. For reference, mirror stands 33" in height.
14570.2" ball hitch, 2-5/16" ball hitch and tow hook.
14571.Paint brushes and drill bit set.
14572.Box containing large quantity of fuses.
14573.Box lot including three partial tire patch repair kits.
14574.Metal Emission Control Service cabinet and contents. Cabinet measures 13" x 30" x 34".
14575.Misc. tool lot including honing instruments and more.
14576.Large hardware and parts bins lot.
14577.Milk crate full of chains. Some short, some long.
14578.Corner lot of hitch attachments.
14579.Drawer full of misc. ratchet straps.
14580.Automotive parts including power steering hose.
14581.Two partial rolls of Romex wire.
14582.Automobile hook tools.
14583.Vintage toolbox filled with misc. hardware.
14584.Reciprocating saw in case, not a Milwaukee.
14585.Mac Tools creeper.
14586.Dog leash lot.
14587.Tacklebox and folding stool.
14588.Children's toys, bicycle helmets and more.
14589.Blow up Santa, unknown condition.
14590.Misc. lot including microwave, paper shredder and suitcase.


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