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Item Description
13890.Set of five ladies rings, all marked 10K. All rings are size 8 and in great condition.
13891.Pair of ladies rings, both marked 10K. Both rings measure as a size 7 and are in great condition.
13892.Set of three ladies rings, all marked 14K. Two rings measures size 7 and one measures size 8, photos for reference.
13893.Set of three ladies rings, all marked 14K. All rings measure size 8 and are in great condition.
13894.Pair of 14K ladies necklaces each measuring roughly 16" in total length. Items in great condition.
13895.Set of six ladies sterling silver rings. Sizes may range from 6 to 8.
13896.Set of seven ladies sterling silver rings. Sizes may range from 6 to 8.
13897.Set of seven ladies sterling silver rings. Sizes may range from 6 to 8.
13898.Box lot comprised of vintage children's items and rings.
13899.Set of nine new Camrose & Kross Jacqueline Kennedy jewelry replicas. All appear new and include certificates.
13900.Boxed lot comprised of mid-century jewelry all in original cases, most by Van Dell. Sterling silver, gold filled and 14K included.
13901.Box lot of misc. costume jewelry.
13902.Pair of boxes comprised of costume jewelry.
13903.Vintage Lady Buxton jewelry box and costume jewelry contents.
13904.Set of five jewelry boxes/containers filled with costume jewelry.
13905.Pair of vintage kitchen items including working Telechron mid-century clock.
13906.Vintage desktop German thermometer/barometer in like new condition.
13907.Vintage, new in box, bird cage clock in box. Item measures 8.5" in height.
13908.Set of three antique German drafting kits. Each have a pin that pulls out to release lid. Largest item measures 9.5" in length for reference. "Riefler" listed on some tools.
13909.Complete set of 1999-2009 US Mint quarters.
13910.5.5" handled candy bowl by Fenton. Signed by artist Jan Dishong.
13911.Vintage 16.5" tall lava lamp made by Simplex in 1974.
13912.Excellent older double sided metal sign for "The Apple House". Unknown origin, item measures 30" in length and 8.5" in height.
13913.Pair of Lenox figurines - two piece Christmas tree and Halloween cat.
13914.1941 Army and Navy Song and Service book issued by the Office of the Chaplain. Measures 5" x 7".
13915.4" ruffled edge bowl by Fenton, signed by artist P. Bennett.
13916.7" white Fenton ruffled edge basket.
13917.Vintage set of eight Enesco praying figural kitchen accessories. Items include salt/pepper shakers, timer, spoon holder and more. Tallest piece measures 6" in height.
13918.20+ pieces of pink depression-style glassware. Items include saucer, dinner plates, tray and more. For reference, large bowl measures 5" in height and 10.5" in length.
13919.Wooden dining room table with bench and two chairs. Item measures 32" x 56".
13920.Realistic 35 Watt Solid State Amplifier with speakers. All in great condition.
13921.Sanyo RD W33 dual cassette deck in great condition.
13922.Vintage Soundesign Realtone Model 424 turntable with shell. Item is in great condition.
13923.Panasonic SA-EN7 CD stereo system.
13924.Excellent antique Lyric by Wurlitzer cathedral type radio. Item appears in excellent condition for its age. Model listed as S-7. Item measures 18.5" in height, 13" wide and 10.5" deep.
13925.Wooden chair with blue upholstery.
13926.Vintage blue lounge chair.
13927.Large Longaberger basket measuring 12.5" in height and 16" in length.
13928.4.5" tall pink Fenton two piece pear.
13929.Light blue 4" tall Heisey Imperial Glass Sparky horse figurine. Marked "HCA 81".
13930.Amethyst 4" tall Heisey Imperial Glass Sparky horse figurine. Marked "HCA 80".
13931.Green 4" tall Heisey Imperial Glass Sparky horse figurine. Marked "HCA 82".
13932.Pair of 1980's Goebel figurines.
13933.Large 13" tall Goebel rearing horse figurine. Excellent condition.
13934.8.5" tall green Fenton vase.
13935.5" tall Precious Moments figurine from 1978.
13936.6.5" tall purple carnival glass Fenton dish.
13937.Pair of Goebel figurines, tallest measures 5.5" in height.
13938.16 piece porcelain teacup and saucer set.
13939.Beautiful lighted curio cabinet that housed all of the previously listed collectibles. Item appears in great condition and measures 10.5" x 20.5" x 76".
13940.5" Willow Tree angle figurine.
13941.Figurine lot including cat, snow globe and more.
13942.Newer New England Clock mantle clock. Stands 9.5" tall.
13943.Antique wooden harp table measuring 23.5" in height and 24.5" in height.
13944.Sylvania VCR/DVD player with remote.
13945.Insignia 18" LCD TV.
13946.Large lot of cassettes in books, mostly religious in topic.
13947.Box of DVDs, some brand new.
13948.Box of CDs, mostly spoken, a lot of Joel Osteen.
13949.Box full of VHS tapes.
13950.Brand new Rudolph Monopoly game.
13951.Lot of vintage games/cards.
13952.Beautiful entertainment cabinet in great condition. Item measures 40.5" in height, 48" wide and 22" deep.
13953.Drawer cleanout including CDs, headphones, glasses and more.
13954.Pair of full VHS tape storage boxes.
13955.Lot of three boxes filled with misc. cassette tapes.
13956.Pair of full cassette tape storage boxes.
13957.Box lot of misc. decorations.
13958.Set of 12 brass coasters commemorating Schlumberger and machinery used. Each measures 3.5" in diameter.
13959.Lot of records, mostly 33RPM, mostly classical.
13960.Vintage homemade wooden compartment shelf, just needing cleaned. Measures 60" in height, 42" wide and 12" deep.
13961.Set of five clear pieces of glassware. Tallest item measures 13.5" in height.
13962.Vintage coffee table with removable glass surface. Item measures 32" in length, 18" depth and stand 17" tall.
13963.Lot of misc. blankets for moving/packing.
13964.Blue floral patterned sofa by Berne Furniture. Item measures approx. 80" in length.
13965.Vintage four legged side table measuring 16" in height and approx. 17" in diameter.
13966.Antique marble based lamp measuring 55" in height.
13967.Large of lot of seven boxes full of 45RPM records. Names include Elvis, The Ripchords, The Hollies and more.
13968.Vintage television tray and magazine rack (bottom needs reattached).
13969.Pair of composite bookcases in good condition, each measuring 59.5" in height.
13970.Lot of CDs including various genres.
13971.Lot of art supplies including several unused adult coloring books.
13972.Brass based lamp measuring 37" in height.
13973.Plastic side table measuring 26" in height.
13974.Luggage bag and suitcase.
13975.Antique Puritan table top wooden radio. Item measure 9" x 10.5" x 17". Great condition for its age.
13976.Vintage Airline console radio with built in turntable. Item is in good condition for its age and measures 17" x 32" x 37".
13977.Four piece decoration lot. Tallest item (concrete decoration) measures 10" in height.
13978.Large box full of misc. books and publications.
13979.Large box full of misc. household items including Shure microphone, decorations, screen cleaners and more.
13980.Large lot of books including the Lord of the Rings four book set and much more.
13981.Large box full of misc. books and publications.
13982.Corner lot including yardstick, lamp and stool.
13983.Three containers full of Christmas items.
13984.Wooden based office chair.
13985.Appears to be new and unused - Shark Lift Away vacuum.
13986.Appears to be new and unused - Worx HydroShot.
13987.Tote full of misc. household items including older digital camera.
13988.Axion 7" portable DVD player.
13989.Closet cleanout - tins, basket and more.
13990.Closet cleanout - three heating units.
13991.Small Longaberger basket measuring 7" in diameter.
13992.Longaberger basket measuring 10.5" in height and 11" in width.
13993.Longaberger basket standing approx. 10" in height.
13994.Longaberger basket standing approx. 13" in height, larger version of item #13993.
13995.Full size bed with frame and more.
13996.Pair of plastic end tables each standing 20" tall and measuring 17" across.
13997.Vintage brass colored table lamp measuring approx. 15" in height.
13998.Adjustable floor lamp.
13999.Wooden chest of drawers measuring 15" x 32" x 36".
14000.Insignia 18" LCD TV.
14001.Homedics foot spa.
14002.Large antique tapestry featuring imagery of figures playing instruments in a courtyard. Item is in excellent condition and looks wonderful in person. Item measures approx. 33" x 46".
14003.File cabinets with wooden top. Top measures 6' in length. Item was used as a desk.
14004.IBM Wheelwriter 5 typewriter with misc. unopened replacement pieces - manual included.
14005.Brother printer/fax/copier all in one unit. Appears that it had little use. Comes with spare toner cartridge - manual included.
14006.Gently used Nook in box with charger. Untested - bubbles on screen in images are from protective cover from factory.
14007.Small, 31" tall, tool box and storage unit. All tools pictured are included.
14008.Vintage desk measuring 20" x 29" x 39.5".
14009.Set of four George Carruth concrete decorations.
14010.Longaberger basket measuring 8.5" in height.
14011.Longaberger basket measuring 7" in length and 3.5" in height.
14012.Pair of laptops with chargers, hard drives have been removed.
14013.Vintage General Electric exposure meter.
14014.Black and Decker Mouse new in box.
14015.Willow Tree angel figurine in box.
14016.Metal storage rack measuring 37" in length and 25" in height.
14017.Lot of records comprised primarily of 33RPM.
14018.Weightlifting equipment including curling bar, weights and more.
14019.Three tins full of candles and more.
14020.Lot of stamps.
14021.Vintage wooden shelving unit measuring 41.5" in height and 16" wide.
14022.Office chair.
14023.Lot of new totes and purses.
14024.Box lot including decorations and glass window decorations.
14025.Tote full of new makeup bags and brushes.
14026.New in box Gaf slide projector with tray. Appears unused - in original box.
14027.Pair of small totes including new candles, lotions and more.
14028.Pair of cassette radios.
14029.New Paula Deen four piece coverlet set new in bag. Appears to be full size.
14030.Office chair.
14031.Box lot including power strip, telephone, phone cases and more.
14032.Panasonic VHS player.
14033.Electronics box lot including power banks, postal scale and more.
14034.Four totes containing cosmetic items.
14035.Pair of wheel based totes containing new candles and cosmetics.
14036.Closet cleanout including Christmas decorations, hangers, totes and more.
14037.Prints and pair of totes containing Christmas items.
14038.Misc. baggage and backpack.
14039.Set of ladies golf clubs.
14040.Box lots including jewelry cleaner, decorations and more.
14041.Basket containing new packing tape (six rolls), pencil display and more.
14042.Baskets and wooden boxes.
14043.Large Longaberger basket measuring 12.5" in height and 14" in diameter.
14044.Box lot including alarm clock and radio.
14045.Brass based lamp measuring 37" in height.
14046.New Vera Bradley wallet measuring 5.5" x 7.5" when opened.
14047.Box lot of office supplies and paper.
14048.Vintage storage cabinet with sliding doors measuring 18.5" x 27" x 33".
14049.Closet cleanout - kitchen - including plastic storage.
14050.Crockpot, blender and spice grinder.
14051.Large crockpot.
14052.Closet cleanout - kitchen - iron, decorations and more.
14053.Closet cleanout - kitchen - toaster, blender and more.
14054.Ironing board and step stool.
14055.Kenmore vacuum.
14056.Shark steam blaster.
14057.Rolling plastic cart and dusters.
14058.Wooden shelving unit full of cookbooks. Shelving unit measures 31.5" x 55".
14059.24" tall wooden stool.
14060.Kitchen cleanout #1.
14061.Kitchen cleanout #2.
14062.Kitchen cleanout #3.
14063.Kitchen cleanout #4.
14064.Kitchen cleanout #5.
14065.Kitchen cleanout #6.
14066.Kitchen cleanout #7.
14067.Kitchen cleanout #8.
14068.Kitchen cleanout #9.
14069.Kitchen cleanout #10.
14070.Black and Decker toaster oven.
14071.Hamilton Beach microwave in excellent condition.
14072.Marble rolling pin and cutting board.
14074.Misc. lot of Monopoly, toy and Seiko clock.
14075.Longaberger mail basket measuring 5.5" tall and 12" in length.
14076.Lot of garden tools including rake, gravel rake, shovel and more.
14077.Wheelbarrow - needs air in tire.
14078.Four totes of decorations and supplies.
14079.Four totes of decorations and supplies.
14080.Four totes of decorations and supplies.
14081.Two piece metal shelf, approx. 5' tall.
14082.Large lot of new birdfeed and feeders.
14083.Eureka vacuum.
14084.Black and Decker string trimmer, two batteries and charger.
14085.Shelf and contents including planters, extension cord and more.
14086.Drafting desk with lamp.
14087.Metal shelf and contents #1.
14088.Metal shelf and contents #2.
14089.Four boxes of Christmas items and decorations.
14090.6 ft. aluminum step ladder - barely used.
14091.11" tall angel figurine by Carruth Studio.
14092.Tomato cages and stakes.
14093.Three boxes containing misc. decorations.
14094.Four boxes containing misc. decorations and Last Supper print.