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Item Description
14600.Primitive style bench made from antique pieces. Features four turned legs and top opens, revealing storage. Item measures 16.5" in depth, 18" in height and 35.5" in length.
14601.Antique Old Hickory Shoe Laces metal advertising sign from atop display. Item measures 2.75" in height and 12" in width.
14602.Antique metal storage container featuring 16 compartments. Originally used for shoelaces and eyelets. Appears to have been used in conjunction with item 14601. Item measures 6" in depth, 11.5" in height and 12.5" in width.
14603.Vintage Coca-Cola metal cooler measuring 10" x 12" x 19". Item is in used condition and could use refinishing. Metal on bottom hangs loosely when picked up, not visible when sitting.
14604.Great primitive double sided homemade Harness Shop sign. Burgundy metal base with white metal letters that have been riveted in place. Great piece that would look great adorning any home or barn. Item measures 14.5" x 24".
14605.Antique tin ceiling tile that has been beautifully situated within a barnwood style frame. Item measures approx. 26" x 26".
14606.Homemade door-backed entryway shelving unit. Door at rear features chippy paint and voids have been filled with chicken wire. Base shelving, which is attached to door and keeps it upright, is made from barn wood. Item stands 75" in height. Base measures 18.5" x 29.5. Great primitive piece ready for display.
14607.Vintage laundry pail featuring nice graphics for All detergent. Item stands 10.75" in height and 11.5" at its widest point.
14608.Vintage Ferry's Dated Seeds poster advertisement. Ad featuring real seed packets mounted to post. Nice condition, displayed behind glass in frame. Great graphics, perfect for your home or farm. Measures 24" x 29".
14609.Vintage no smoking sign in great, worn condition. Text reads "Please! Do Not Smoke Inside". During it's use it, notes were periodically jotted down on sign as pictured. Thick slab, measuring nearly 1" thick. Sign measures approx. 11" x 27".
14610.Great, vintage 7-Up restaurant sign. Some wear to the top left of paper but it has since been re-adhered to backing. Amazing glimpse back in time, item measures approx. 24.5" x 37".
14611.Large, vintage Boho peacock chair in excellent condition. Nice, strong woven bamboo. Measures 60"+ in height.
14612.Antique framed mirror that has been painted and adorned with stars. Measures 23" x 27.5". Good condition.
14613.Vintage mechanical dress form that expands and contrasts. Good condition with working components. Item stands 34" in height.
14614.Vintage children's chalk board in good condition. Made by Litho-Plate, measures 20.5" x 27.5".
14615.Vintage children's chalk board in good condition with cartoonish graphics. Made by ATF Toys, measures 25.25" x 37".
14616.Primitive heavy duty cheese box. Thicker than normal pieces intended for this use. Wear common with age, measures 6.5" in height and 12" in width.
14617.Antique chair with new paint and upholstery. Item measures 36" in height.
14618.Antique chair likely originating from a dining room suite. Item measures 38" in height.
14619.Newer primitive style children's bench with distressed paint. Item measures 7.5" x 17" x 36".
14620.Antique floral adorned biscuit tin for Burton's Gold Medal Biscuits Ltd. Item measures approx. 7" both in height and width.
14621.Antique WayRight tabletop scale ranging from 0-25 lbs. Item seems to operate as intended, measures 9" in height.
14622.Large vintage metal flower urn, bottom has been patched. Item measures approx. 7" wide and 12" in height.
14623.Antique wooden crate for the National Mfg. Co. in Sterling, Ill. Great condition, measures 14" x 21".
14624.Vintage packaging crate for unknown original purpose. We can make out "Packed Serviceable Group A" on one side. Item measures 14.5" x 16".
14625.Antique aluminum packaging box with original postage. Item in good condition, just needs cleaned. Measures 5" x 12" x 20".
14626.Very nice antique Supreme Scale packaging box with hinged top and dovetailed corners. Item measures 7.5" x 9.5" x 12".
14627.Vintage tiki-style wooden statue - unknown original use. Item is in great condition and measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 18".
14628.Vintage wooden crate with dovetailed corners. Unmarked, possibly painted over - measures 7.5" x 15" x 19.5".
14629.Nice antique apple crate in great condition. Item measures 14" x 14" x 18".
14630.Antique galvanized oil can in good condition with hinged lid. Item stands 12" in height.
14631.Antique galvanized oil can in good condition with screw-on lid. Item stands approx. 11" in height.
14632.Lot of dozens of vintage keys perfect for crafts or repurposing.
14633.Nice vintage Structo Toys cement truck. Great condition, nothing abnormal for its age. Great original paint - measures approx. 9" in height and 21" in length.
14634.Great pair of antique steer horns mounted to early wooden board with tooled leather. Horns etched with the date of "1905".
14635.Vintage polka-dot Fire-King mixing bowl in good condition. Normal wear to paint. Item measures 4.75" in height and 8" in width.
14636.Nice antique galvanized tool caddy. Great metal and wooden handle. Item measures approx. 6.5" in height and 13.5" in length.
14637.Nice vintage Structo Toys dump truck. Great condition, nothing abnormal for its age. Great original paint, item measures approx. 6" in height and 15" in length.
14638.Great early antique packing crate for Berry Brothers Celebrated Varnishes. Graphics still in good condition, item measures 12" x 15" x 27.5".
14639.Small older cast iron sheep coin bank in gold. Features flathead screw. Item is in great condition and measures 3.5" in height and 5.5" in length.
14640.Vintage plastic and metal oil rain lamp in great shape. Due to age, we did not plug in or test. Solid example of a rain lamp. Item measures approx. 5.5" wide and 15.5" in height.
14641.Antique project piece - blue and white cupboard. Would make a great addition to kitchen or home. Measures approx. 17" x 28" x 30".
14642.Antique card file drawer. Great shape, measures 4" x 10".
14643.Nice vintage Structo Toys hauler. Great condition, nothing abnormal for its age. Great original paint, item measures approx. 5.5" x 20.5".
14644.Set of five antique tins. Faded graphics on most, but one is for "Butter Crackers" from Dayton, OH. Largest measures 7" x 7.25".
14645.Set of four antique tins. Better graphics on this lot, but all have some wear. Tallest item measures 6" in height, widest measures 8" across.
14646.Nice antique wooden cabinet shelving unit/display. Perfect primitive-style display for your collectibles or dishes. Items measure 12" x 38" x 43.5".
14647.Antique tin pull-behind duck toy. Ducky Waddles by Wyandotte Toys. Stands approx. 7" in height and 9" in length.
14648.Antique six cubby display/storage cabinet without door. Great shape with good patina. Measures 10" x 11" x 17".
14649.Very interesting antique Valentine's devil doll. Item appears to be made of knit fabric - great condition. Made by B.S. & Co. Stands 7" in height.
14650.Vintage/antique cat doll. Appears to have been made in Japan. Item stands 6.5" in height.
14651.Pair of antique books - "The Storm Centre" and "The Lamb in the Desert". Great for display. Each measures 5" x 7.5".
14652.Antique/vintage Christmas décor lot including Mazda "Candolier" and more.
14653.Vintage Penetray Color Wheel in good condition. Everything looks to be present - untested due to age. Wheels each measure 12" in width.
14654.Chicken waterer in good condition with normal wear from the elements. More modern but would make for nice decoration nonetheless. Measures approx. 11" x 11".
14655.Antique flour sifter, likely originally from a Hoosier-type cabinet. Measures approx. 10" x 10".
14656.Set of four older grocery store tags that would be mounted to shelves under/above items. Great decoration or for repurposing. Each measures 4" in total length.
14657.Vintage handled tin with retro graphics. Likely originated from cracker/biscuit/cookie company. Measures 7" in height (including handles) and 11" in length.
14658.Pair of antique drawers with dovetailed corners great for display or hanging. Each measures 2" x 13" x 14".
14659.Antique four loaf Herendeen bread pan. Great older condition, item 3" x 10" x 22".
14660.Set of four vintage Pennant Christmas light sets with boxes. Each box measures 7" x 12". All lights are untested.
14661.Antique/vintage Christmas décor lot including Mazda "Candolier", lighting outfits and more.
14662.Set of five antique/vintage glass bottles. Brands include Dr. Pepper, Vess, Crown and Schlitz. Tallest measures 9.5" in height.
14663.Large lot of metal faucet handles (mostly antique). Various sizes and colors. 26 total pieces included.
14664.Miniature vintage bamboo peacock chair #1 - measures 16" in height.
14665.Miniature vintage bamboo peacock chair #2 - measures 15.5" in height.
14666.Antique two-tiered side table in good condition with natural and paint finish. Measures 11.5" x 28.5" x 29".
14667.Vintage Flay's Sparkling Beverage bottle crate. Great condition, measures 12" x 18.5".
14668.Modern cast iron cross decoration standing 9" in height.
14669.Modern cast iron candelabra measuring 6.5" in height and 18" in length.
14670.Pair of antique wooden sock darning instruments. Each measures 6" in length.
14671.Vintage two-piece wooden cupboard in good shape. Top removes from base. Item features three drawers and two doors. Measures 15" x 37" x 46".
14672.Set of five antique architectural salvage pieces. Four posts appear to have been included with a railing, they each stand 10.5" in height and measure approx. 4" x 4" at base. See photo of hand forged nail for age.
14673.Three pieces of antique architectural salvage including wood and metal. For reference, decoration on right measures 5.5" x 11".
14674.Very old antique children's play crib, likely for a doll. Heavy duty, measures 7" x 16.5" x 19.5".
14675.Vintage industrial metal shop stool standing 27" in height. Top measures approx. 13.5" x 13.5". Green in color.
14676.Pair of industrial metal shop stools needing new seat bases (tops). Each top measures approx. 10" x 12". One stands 19.25" in height, the other measures 20".
14677.Antique blue side table with chippy paint. Features curved legs and measures 17" x 28.5" x 29.5".
14678.Vintage children's easel chalk board. Some wear to paper decoration at top. Item stands 42" in height.
14679.Concert poster measuring 13.75" x 21.5" for Run DMC, Beastie Boys, L.L. Cool J and more. Unsure if original or reproduction.
14680.Concert poster measuring 13.75" x 21.5" for Nirvana for their 1992 "Nevermind" tour. Unsure if original or reproduction.
14681.1958 Delaware County Sesquicentennial "Footpaths to Freeways" poster measuring 13.75" x 21.5". Great condition and nice graphics.
14682.Modern two-tiered farm style metal candy dish. Measures 12" wide and 16" tall.
14683.Vintage Capri blanket measuring 80" x 90". In like new, folded, condition.
14684.Vintage halved bucket wall hanging manufactured by the Maine Bucket Company. Item measures 11" tall and 12" wide.
14685.Original vintage oil on canvas barn scene. Rear frame signed with indistinguishable name. Item measures 11.5" x 12.5".
14686.Original vintage 1977 oil on canvas barn scene. Signed bottom right, C. Bienvenue. Item measures 18.5" x 22.5".
14687.Native American style tapestry measuring 16.5" x 18.5". Appears to be wool.
14688.Early antique heavy-duty wooden water bucket with hand forged handle and hoops. Bucket stands 11" in height not including handle and 20" with. Measures approx. 13" in width.
14689.Modern metal weathervane featuring a Boxer. Measures 12" in height and 23" in length.
14690.Pair of antique tins. One floral and one basket-style. Largest measures 7" x 9.5".
14691.Vintage wicker picnic basket. Features leather handles and straps. Measures 5" x 11" x 16".
14692.Wooden duck sculpture featuring glass eyes. Item measures approx. 14" in height and 20" in length.
14693.Vintage metal strip clip hanger. Strip measures 1" in width and features 17 clips and measures 31.5" in total length.
14694.Lot of antique silverware perfect for crafts or repurposing.
14695.30 vintage brass letter/numeric stencils. Largest stencils measure 3.25" x 6".
14696.Set of four modern turned wooden spindle mounted on square bases. Each base measures approx. 5" x 5". One shorter than the others, measures approx. 15" in height.
14697.Vintage woven basket, appears to be Longaberger. Signed on bottom, "R.D. 1979". Measures 9" wide and 9" in height (not including handle).
14698.Large carved fork/spoon set. Features tiki-style decoration. Each measures approx. 21.75" in length.
14699.Heavy cast pot with metal ring handles. Item measures 14" in height.
14700.Antique wicker picnic basket cooler. Item is in good condition with normal wear, features metal liner. Appears to have been patented in 1906. Measures 12" x 20". Stands 15" in height (including handles).
14701.Vintage metal cake pan - could use cleaning. Measures 5" x 11".
14702.Antique woven basket in great condition - see age of handle for reference. Measures 14" in height and 15" in width.
14703.Heavy primitive homemade wooden organizational storage box. Features 12 drawers behind folding doors. Item measures 9" x 13" x 15".
14704.Antique project piece cabinet. Great chippy paint and patina, doors are included but not attached. Would look great with or without the doors. Item measures 13" x 41" x 45.5".
14705.Modern wire baskets and rolling storage container. Each basket measures 11" in width and 17" in length. Total of nine baskets included.
14706.Set of five hardback Masterpieces of Mystery books. Various authors and titles.
14707.Set of eight hardback books - mostly of the mystery genre. Various authors and titles.
14708.Set of three antique books perfect for use or display.
14709.Antique wooden bucket. Item measures 14" in height and 16" in width. Good overall condition, one side of handle has detached and will need repaired.
14710.Set of four vintage amber colored glass bottles/containers. Tallest measures 13.5" in height for reference.
14711.Vintage wooden box with metal latch. Marked "Mexico" on bottom. Ready for refinishing. Measures 9" x 13".
14712.Retro American Artware four color storage rack, likely for small logs for fireplace. Good condition overall, some wear as to be expected. Measures 14" in height (handle included) and 20.5" in total length.
14713.Set of eight antique architectural salvage pieces. Great items to decorate or repurpose with. Largest item (left) measures 12" in length.
14714.Antique wire egg basket. Some wire coating loss and broken welds. Measures 14" wide and 17" tall (handle included).
14715.Pair of older flower frogs, one clear, one green. Largest (right) measures 5" in width.
14716.Set of five vintage green glass pieces. All in good condition, varying shapes and sizes. Largest stands 13" in height. Smallest stands 7" tall.
14717.Antique heavy cast iron kettle. Good condition, solid example perfect for use or display. Including handle, item stands approx. 12" tall and 11" in length.
14718.Primitive style handled tool caddy. Whitewashed paint - measures 8" x 15" x 15.5".
14719.Set of three hardback books - various titles and authors.
14720.Vintage wicker hanging light with shade. Item has normal wear for its age and measures 11.5" x 16".
14721.Vintage white wire basket. Good shape, measures 7" x 17" x 21".
14722.Pair of wire locker baskets, one included number tag. Each measures 8" x 9" x 14".
14723.Vintage Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro Model camera with box. Camera in great condition.
14724.Antique Hygieia chalk crate. Nice graphics with dovetailed corners. Items measures 4" x 4.5" x 6.5".
14725.Vintage wooden chest with faux wood paper covering exterior. Lid not currently attached, measures 11" x 12" x 19".
14726.Antique highchair with curved armrests. Stands 40" tall.
14727.Antique green plant stand measuring 34" in height, top measures 10" x 10".
14728.Pair of brand new, never used, metal bar stools with slot in top for carrying. Each seat measures 12" x 12", each stands 30" in height.
14729.Antique two drawer side table. Good condition, has been repainted, measures 15" x 18" x 26".
14730.Primitive style windmill head wall decoration. Item measures 18" across.
14731.Set of four repurposed primitive wall decorations. Small metal parts bins mounted to large pieces of machinery belts. Longest measures 23" in length, all others are approx. 17".
14732.Antique heavy duty metal basket by Sealtest in New York. Heavy item, measures 12" x 13" x 19".
14733.Vintage Squirt/Getup soda crate measuring 5.5" x 12" x 18". Nice graphics.
14734.Vintage Coca-Cola soda crate measuring 5.5" x 12" x 18".
14735.Vintage Pepsi soda crate measuring 5.5" x 12" x 18".
14736.Antique homemade farm-style end table measuring 11" x 12" x 24".
14737.Vintage metal wall display shelving. One weld needs refastened/epoxied. Good patina, great for collectibles.
14738.Repurposed vintage burlap sack and wire rack combination forming a clothes hamper. Measures 10" x 15" x 28".
14739.Antique solid wooden chair, likely originating from church. Nice condition, some veneer warping on seat base. Measures 17" at seat, 42" at tallest point.


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