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Item Description
16000.Heavy mid-century "Slow - Children Playing" sign. Solid piece, condition consistent with age. Measures 18" x 24".
16001.Interesting older two sided galvanized container with handle. Measures 10" in height and 19" in length.
16002.Retro wall-clock with wooden accents. One arm is loose, may need work to return to functional condition. Measures 24" in diameter.
16003.Pair of antique tin ceiling tiles perfect for repurposing. Each measures 24" x 24".
16004.Set of three antiques tin ceiling tiles perfect for repurposing. Each measures 24" x 24".
16005.Set of eight mid-century wooden characters for a children's playset. Tallest stands 5.5" in height. Large sheep measures 5" in length.
16006.Vintage wheeled cart with metal basket. Item stands 36" in height, basket measures 10.5" x 14". Great condition.
16007.Vintage tin windup dog toy. Appears to wind but missing key. Marked "Made in Japan". Measures approx. 4.5" in length.
16008.Older homemade eight cannister tool caddy. Wooden handle with metal coffee cans affixed to base. Measures approx. 8" in height and 17" in length.
16009.Pair of newer metals brackets for decoration. Each measures 12" x 14".
16010.Vintage white metal plant stand with ornate top. Stands approx. 30" in height, measures 17" at widest point.
16011.Lot of 20+ mid-century glass Christmas ornaments. Lots of life left, many marked "Made in USA".
16012.Modern wooden "Hat Shop" sign measuring approx. 9" x 17".
16013.Great antique stove board made by the Wabash Screen door Co. from Minnesota. Great graphics, would make for a great table topper or wall hanging. Measures 30" x 38".
16014.Modern metal collapsible log holder. Measures 13" across and 22" in height.
16015.Beautiful oil on canvas barn scene measuring 15" x 17". Appears to be signed "Cantis".
16016.Vintage 1963 framed photo of dog training scene. Photo taken in Suffolk. Measures 10" x 12".
16017.Antique ship print measuring 18" x 22". Marked bottom left, "Gordan Grant 1927".
16018.Antique paper and linen photo. Measures 24" x 26", some condition issues. Marked "Crayoned by Tillie Wilson".
16019.Vintage Chinese Checkers/Checkers board measuring 16.5" x 16.5".
16020.Beautiful antique wooden hutch that has been stored under shrink-wrap. Some wear, needs a little work (door unhinged), but in otherwise great condition. Measures 16" x 36" x 78".
16021.Vintage wooden shelving unit that would be perfect to refinish. Measures 13.5" x 34" x 46".
16022.Small antique egg basket with croquet balls. Basket with handle measures approx. 8.5" in height.
16023.Set of three antique suitcases great for decorating. Largest measures 13" x 24".
16024.Vintage metal picnic basket measuring 8" x 10" x 13.5" (not including handles).
16025.Antique metal Christmas tree stand. Some original graphics still remain. Measures 10" in height and 14" in diameter.
16026.Vintage chrome "eyeball" desktop lamp. Top is magnetized to attach to base. Stands 7" in height.
16027.Antique wooden sugar bucket missing top and bottom. Great to make hanging lamp from. Measures 10" in height with a 10" diameter top and 12" diameter bottom.
16028.Large lot of 100+ plastic sign letters, perfect for decorating or resale. Largest measures 8" x 12".
16029.Large lot of 100+ plastic sign letters, perfect for decorating or resale. Largest measures 17.5" in height.
16030.Vintage wooden Niki Melons crate. Measures 13.5" x 13.5" x 24.5".
16031.Antique wooden two drawer table with nice chippy paint. Features dovetailed drawers and skeleton key holes. Measures 20" x 27" x 38".
16032.Vintage galvanized Igloo thermal cooler in excellent condition. Measures approx. 11" wide and 19" in height.
16033.Antique 20" tall (handle not included) galvanized bucket without bottom. Item has chain affixed, would make another great hanging lamp. Measures 10" in diameter at top, 12" in diameter at bottom.
16034.Set of three vintage ceramic dog figurines. Tallest measures 7" in height.
16035.Reproduction cast iron mechanical "Bull Dog Bank". Item works as it should, measures 7" in height.
16036.Vintage ceramic bulldog piggy bank with detachable head. Head and body shackled together with Highmount lock (no key). Measures approx. 6.5" in height.
16037.Antique chalk ware French Bulldog measuring approx. 10" in height.
16038.Antique chalk ware spotted dog standing 8" in height. Dated on bottom - March 1933.
16039.Wooden sugar bucket standing 7.5" in height and 8.5" in diameter.
16040.Antique cowbell with wooden clapper. Possibly homemade. Measures 6" in height.
16041.Antique ornamental framed mirror in white. Some wear to decoration. Measures 29" x 50".
16042.Refinished antique three drawer dresser in great condition. Item features dovetailed drawers and measures 18.5" x 37.5" x 40.5".
16043.Antique corner cabinet featuring three shelves and double doors. Each side measures 18" deep and front measures 26" wide. Shelf stands 71" in height.
16044.Antique mannequin dress form with cast iron base. Torso portion is a plastic material that shows cracking consistent with age. Item stands 60" in height.
16045.White arched wicker shelving unit. Measures 24" wide and stands 77" in height.
16046.Vintage Coca-Cola crate with dividers. Measures 12" x 18".
16047.Vintage Pepsi crate measuring 12" x 18".
16048.Vintage yellow and red Coca-Cola crate measuring 12" x 18".
16049.Antique dark wooden crate measuring 10" x 11" x 15".
16050.Large Pepsi -Cola crate with great graphics. Manufactured by the Standard Box Co. out of Pittsburgh. Crate measures 10.5" x 11.5" x 18.5"
16051.Great antique metal postal box. Features area at bottom right for name/address insertion. Great patina and age. Measures 4" x 9" x 14".
16052.Vintage Campfire White Marshmallows advertising tin standing 6" in height and measuring 10" in diameter.
16053.Vintage Draw It easel chalkboard measuring 19" x 35".
16054.Three legged wooden bucket stand measuring 13" x 23".
16055.Antique black suitcase measuring 6.5" x 12.5" x 23.5".
16056.Amazing antique wicker baby buggy in excellent condition. Only a few minor flaws with the wicker, this is in great condition considering it's likely near 100 years in age. Hood features small glass windows. Item measures approx. 21.5" in width, 42" in length and 43" in height.
16057.Vintage repainted green end table with drop down drawer pulls. Table measures 21" x 26" x 26".
16058.Antique wooden table with spindle legs. Features metal band around top and single drawer. Measures 28" x 29" x 40".
16059.Beautifully refinished antique buffet. Item features six drawers and double doors revealing three pull-out storage shelves. Item has been completely refinished and is ready to be put to use immediately. Buffet measures 19" x 31" x 72".
16060.Heavy iron architectural truss piece. Item measures 28.5" x 36.5".
16061.Vintage Rand McNally world globe with metal base measuring 15" in height.
16062.Vintage deep purple glass mannequin head measuring 10" in height. Final picture shows color against light.
16063.Antique Cheroots box filled with tons of Scrabble pieces perfect for crafting. Box measures 9" x 13".
16064.Set of four copper colored kitchen storage containers. Items nest within each other, tallest measures 8" in height, shortest measures 5" in height.
16065.Mid-Century 48 star cloth flag in great condition. Measures approx. 32" x 58".
16066.Vintage picnic basket made of poly-like material. Measures 10" x 17".
16067.Pair of vintage jars, each measuring 7" in height. Once contains buttons, the other BINGO balls.
16068.Large lot of mid-century Christmas bulbs. Red, blue, mercury glass and more included.
16069.Set of five mid-century Christmas light bubble lamps. All appear to be in great condition.
16070.Vintage Blue Anchor Brand Cape Cod Cranberries crate measuring 9.5" x 11" x 17".
16071.Oil on canvas winter barn scene signed "C. Bienvue '77". Measures 18.5" x 22.5".
16072.Pink glass fishing float in excellent condition. Netting was deteriorated and removed prior to photographing. Measures approx. 4" in diameter.
16073.Vintage metal "Clothes - Shoes" sign. Measures 12" x 24".
16074.Large lot of newer, vintage and antique copper/brass pieces. Tallest piece measures approx. 9" in height.
16075.Corrugated metal sided "Adults Swim Only" sign measuring 12" x 24".
16076.Pair of kitchen decorations - fork and spoon ceramic 16" hanging utensils.
16077.Coca-Cola metal serving tray measuring 10.5" x 13". Looks to be original, but not guaranteed.
16078.Coca-Cola metal serving tray measuring 12" x 15". Looks to be original, but not guaranteed.
16079.Coca-Cola metal serving tray measuring 8.5" x 19". Looks to be original, but not guaranteed.
16080.Set of five heavy glass tubes with metal organizer. Bottles each stand 7" in height. Organizer measures 9" in length.
16081.Antique cream can that has been refinished with what appears to be hand painted flowers. Measures approx. 11.5" in height not including handle.
16082.Blue architectural salvage piece, measuring 23" in length.
16083.Set of three antique/primitive wooden decorations including square kneading bowl. Largest item, drawer, measures 10" x 16".
16084.Clear glass fishing float in excellent condition. Netting was deteriorated and removed prior to photographing. Measures approx. 5" in diameter.
16085.Large primitive kneading bowl that is maroon in color. Measures 4" x 13" x 18".
16086.Set of three older rectangular cutting boards, great for decoration. Largest measures 12" x 14".
16087.Set of six wooden kitchen items including cutting boards. Largest item measures 15" in length.
16088.Primitive styled rectangular box measuring 6.5" x 6.5" x 20".
16089.Massive, beautiful antique wardrobe with internal shelving compartments. Pictures do not do this item justice. Item has gray tones, appears to be lined or made of cedar. Base measures 21.5" x 59". In total, item stands 7' in height. Large, heavy duty piece that will look great in any home. Additional help will be needed to load.
16090.Pair of vintage Santa and Mrs. Claus wooden statues, reportedly out of a grocery store. For reference, Santa measures 50" in height. Some wear to paper that is glued to board, but overall nice set of vintage Christmas decorations.
16091.Antique Atwater Kent radio with Model E speaker. Base of radio, speaker and power supply all included. Item is untested and will need new wiring. Base measures 21" in length and speaker stands 18" in height. Good condition, ready to be restored!
16092.Set of five more modern baskets. Tallest measures 12" in height.
16093.Primitive woven basket-type sift/strainer. Measures 20" in total length and 12" across.
16094.Pair of glass dairy bottles, one marked "CMDA - Columbus". Tallest measures 9" in height.
16095.Vintage metal magazine rack with floral accents. Item stands 11.5" in height and measures 15" in length.
16096.Large lot comprised mostly of sheet music.
16097.1945 Detention Times Naval publication in good condition. Measures 8" x 13".
16098.Disney Christmas Carol coloring book originally came with popcorn from Orville Redenbacher. Measures 6.5" x 11".
16099.Set of three wall hangings including antique photos and modern Calumet sign. Largest measures 14" x 17".
16100.Antique foot rest on casters. Likely Victorian in age, measures 12" x 15".
16101.Apple crate with good age, measures 11" x 16".
16102.Older wine carboy with crate. Had greenery in it so it will need to be cleaned for use. Measures 12" x 12" x 21".
16103.Antique wooden laundry table with vinyl letters applied. Measures 54" in length.
16104.Antique five drawer dresser perfect for refinishing or use as is. Some veneer peeling to sides. Item measures 15" x 28" x 48".
16105.Heavy refinished entryway bench with tall back. Back of unit helps to show age. Bench seat raises for underneath storage. Measures 16" x 46" x 48".
16106.Massive Lindy's Dairyland plastic sign framed with antique barnwood. Excellent overall condition, one crack at top of sign (pictured). Total size is 51" x 77". White spots in photo are just reflections.
16107.Antique mirror with wear measuring 19" x 34".
16108.Antique chalkboard, very heavy due to slate. Measures 33" x 35.5". Metal backed Renuzit eraser also included.
16109.Antique wooden children's toy measuring 30" in length.
16110.Antique three tiered wooden shelving unit with glass sides (three sides). Measures 19" x 19" x 44".
16111.Antique mantle painted white perfect for home décor or prop use. Measures 11" x 50" x 60".
16112.Antique Clear Brook cream cheese wooden container. No lid, in good condition, measures 13" in height and 14" in width.
16113.Vintage/antique décor lot including nesting hen, metal bell and more. Hen measures 8" in height.
16114.Vintage five tiered metal plant stand. Stands 32" in height.
16115.Large lot of new and old frames, the largest measures 24" x 31".
16116.Mid-Century composite planter with three leg metal holder. Excellent condition, does not appear to have any cracks. Measures 15.5" in width and 16.5" in height.
16117.Antique Christmas Greetings metal and wood broom holder for wall. Measures 6" in height.
16118.Newer wooden bench in blue. Measures 13" x 18" x 38".
16119.Pair of antique wood and iron pulleys with large amount of vintage rope. Pulleys measure 12" in total length including hook.
16120.Vintage women's gray floral dress. When laid flat, waist measures 18" across, so total waist would appear to be 36" in total.
16121.Vintage women's red dress with jacket. When laid flat, waist measures 18" across, so total waist would appear to be 36" in total.
16122.Vintage women's gold dress with jacket. When laid flat, waist measures 15.5" across, so total waist would appear to be 31" in total.
16123.Vintage women's pink dress with jacket. When laid flat, waist measures 18" across, so total waist would appear to be 36" in total.
16124.Vintage women's blue dress with jacket. When laid flat, waist measures 18" across, so total waist would appear to be 36" in total.
16125.Vintage women's blue skirt with jacket. When laid flat, waist measures 18" across, so total waist would appear to be 36" in total.
16126.Vintage women's pink dress with jacket. When laid flat, waist measures 18" across, so total waist would appear to be 36" in total.
16127.Wire and burlap clothes hamper made with old feed sack. Measures 9" x 16" x 27".
16128.Vintage three section bamboo divider in excellent condition. Item measures 70" in height and each section measures 20.5" in width.
16129.Vintage wire based dress form with cast iron stand. Measures 62" in total height.
16130.Pair of vintage wooden oars each measuring 83" in length.
16131.Single vintage wooden oar measuring 77" in length.
16132.Beautiful antique National Cash register in good condition with normal age. Very heavy, item does operate. Ready to be restored back to its former glory or used as-is. Also included is slanted wooden base, items are not attached. Serial no. 2372979. Register measures 16" x 17" x 17". Base measures 20" x 22".
16133.Massive primitive work table with large three piece slab top, each slab is nearly 3" thick. Very heavy piece, currently set on furniture dollies. Would make an excellent desk, kitchen island or for its original purpose. Measures 35" deep, 36" tall and 7' in length. Please bring additional help to load.
16134.Great mid-century double sided wooden sign with what appear to be hand painted graphics. Advertising for Heinz Kretschmer Travel Bureau Inc. Has hooks mount so it can be stationery or moved along wire. Measures 36" x 48", signed bottom right "Imperial". Hooks extend 5" above top of sign.
16135.Antique four legged side table with drawer. Item measures 14" x 16" x 30".
16136.Woven hat brought back from Vietnam in the 1960's. Great condition, Measures approx. 9" in height and 22" in width.
16137.Antique Irvin Jewell Paint crate measuring 10" x 11" x 14".
16138.Primitive cabinet measuring 7" x 16" x 24". Great condition, door opens to reveal three storage shelves. Solid wood, quality piece.
16139.Large lot of mid-century Christmas bulbs. All sorts of colors and designs. Tote measures 10" x 14" x 15" for reference of quantity.
16140.Primitive style red wooden tool caddy measuring 6" x 10.5" x 16".
16141.Large older galvanized tub marked "2". Measures 11" x 22".
16142.Set of three antique folding theater chairs in great condition. Each stands 36" in height when set.
16143.Excellent vintage metal "Food Stores" sign with good age. Believed to have been for a "Red & White" brand store. One end has rusted from sitting prior to discovery. Sign is 2" deep and measures 26" x 41".
16144.Vintage paper John Deere 1951 B sign mounted to wooden frame. Measures 22" x 28".
16145.Vintage refinished blue four drawer dresser in excellent condition, ready to be used. Measures 14" x 34" x 36".
16146.Antique spindle leg table that has been stripped of finish and is ready for finished touches. Does have single drawer in front. Measures 14" x 26" x 28".
16147.Antique white four drawer dresser in great condition with normal wear. Item has a great look and could be used as is. Measures 19" x 30" x 42".
16148.Heavy antique dark brown hutch top with three shelves. Could easily be mounted to wall or sat on existing base. Measures 9.5" x 35" x 38".
16149.Vintage wooden planting stand in great condition. Could be used as intended or for alternate purposes. Measures 27" x 38.5" x 49".
16150.Vintage double sided metal sign for Lumaside out of Toledo, OH. Measures 22" x 28".
16151.Nice seven post coat rack wall hanging. Posts made out of old nozzle handles. Slab is nearly 1" thick and made from barn wood. Item measures 9.5" x 39".
16152.Pair of repainted antique shutters. Great condition, perfect for decorating. Each measures 10" x 39".
16153.Antique stained glass window with damage. Will need to be restored, but still a beautiful piece. Measures 25" x 44".
16154.Beautiful antique pie safe that doesn't appear to need anything to be put to use. Three internal shelves and two drawers at bottom Overall, item measures 17" x 38" x 55.5". Excellent condition.
16155.Antique iron bed in pieces. Would make great decorations or ornaments for garden. Head/foot boards each measure 30" x 43".
16156.Modern metal fence piece measuring 34" x 64".
16157.Antique maroon step ladder standing 56" in height when set.
16158.Mid-century white Radio Flyer wagon with wooden sides. Don't recall seeing too many that weren't red. Item measures 16" wide and 34" in length.
16159.Vintage metal and plastic shelving unit measuring 9.5" x 30" x 53".
16160.Vintage brass and metal lamp measuring 52" in height. Shade measures 19" in width. Shade does have some loss to weaving.
16161.Vintage contoured wooden post lamp. Stands 64" in height.
16162.Antique black side table with decorative sides. Bottom shelf is intact but board has split. Measures 18" x 18" x 27".
16163.Pair of industrial antique caster wheels, each measuring 7" in height with the wheel measuring 5" across.
16164.Pair of industrial antique caster wheels, each measuring 7" in height with the wheel measuring 4" across.
16165.Vintage green and white enamel shade perfect for reuse. Measures 14" in width.
16166.Antique Universal #2 meat grinder.
16167.Vintage purple and tan Texas Ware mixing bowl measuring 10" in width.
16168.Set of five metal and wood Ohio wall hangings. Some made from recycled tin ceiling tiles. Each block measures 5.75" x 5.75". Perfect gifts for Christmas.
16169.Vintage sunflower themed Pyrex dish with lid. Measures 10" in length.
16170.Nice seven post coat rack wall hanging. Posts made out of old nozzle handles. Slab is nearly 1" thick and made from barn wood. Item measures 6" x 42".
16171.Modern canvas "Live Large" sign measuring 13" x 39".
16172.Antique décor lot including metal "E", Coca-Cola crate end and more. For reference, wooden wheel stands 7" in height.
16173.Lot of antique dishes and bowls. Some pieces may have cracks. For reference, pink bowl measures 10" in width.
16174.Vintage woven picnic basket with wear to lid. Measures 12" x 18".
16175.Lot of milk glass style dishes. Tallest item measures 6.5" in height.
16176.Set of five apothecary bottles each standing 6" without stoppers.
16177.Vintage bottle lot including four glass Evenflow baby bottles. Baby bottles stand 6.5" in height.
16178.Container full of large amount of wooden decorative pieces perfect for repurposing.
16179.Vintage brown/black/white woven vase standing 12" in height.
16180.Pair of antique hat stands, each standing 9" in height.
16181.Antique wooden butcher block, not solid wood, helping to reduce the weight. Item measures 18.5" x 24" x 29".
16182.Folding backdrop made from antique doors. Two doors measure 30" in width, one measures 26" in width.
16183.Pair of antique table leg stands. Each measures 26" in height. Nice metal claw feet on each unit.
16184.Antique four drawer dresser that has been refinished, it is ready to use. Measures 21" x 32" x 44.5".
16185.Lot of antique/vintage items perfect for decorating. Items include wooden box, granite dishes and more.
16186.Set of three antique galvanized buckets that have been stenciled with holiday themes. Each stands approx. 10" in height.
16187.Vintage white metal plant stand with ornate features. Door opens to allow insertion of pot/plant. Measures 14" x 29".
16188.Vintage metal first aid kit measuring 7.25" x 9".
16189.Large set of vintage granite dishes with vegetable theme. All appear to be in great condition, only requiring cleaning. Pot in rear with lid measures 10" in width, platter in back left measures 16" in width.
16190.Set of four vintage metal tackleboxes. Largest measures 6" x 6" x 13.5".
16191.Vintage Replogie globe with wooden stand. Stands 32" in total height.
16192.Vintage white tinsel tree measuring approx. 48" in height. Great condition, must have for Christmas collectors.
16193.Vintage green tinsel tree measuring approx. 48" in height. Great condition, must have for Christmas collectors.
16194.Vintage silver tinsel tree measuring approx. 48" in height. Missing base - great condition, must have for Christmas collectors.
16195.White antique wooden table in great condition, measures 32" x 34" x 48".
16196.Antique 1902 "The Clipper" seed and grain cleaner with foot peddle operation. Does not currently operate but makes for a great display. Measures 45" in height, 24" in width and 28" in depth.
16197.Vintage wooden fishing pole/gun stand measuring 12" x 14" x 37".
16198.Large vintage silver tinsel tree measuring approx. 6' in height. Great condition, must have for Christmas collectors.
16199.Pair of antique doors perfect for wall decoration. Each measures 15" x 21".
16200.Copper pot hanger in great condition. Measures 11.5" x 32".
16201.Pair of antique doors mounted to original divider. Would make another great wall hanging. Each door measures 15" x 32.5".
16202.Pair of vintage gym lockers that are attached to one another. Total piece measures 12" x 24" x 60".
16203.Solid antique door measuring 29" x 77".
16204.Antique door with glass insert measuring 32" x 79".
16205.Antique white/yellow door with glass insert measuring 32" x 79".
16206.Antique wooden door with wood grain painted design. Measures 24" x 77.5".
16207.Antique wooden step ladder section perfect for decoration. Measures 19.5" x 70".
16208.Antique wooden step ladder section perfect for decoration. Measures 19.5" x 58".
16209.Antique window screen section measuring 28" x 33".
16210.Vintage cast iron bench back and ends, just needs wood cut for seats and reassembled.
16211.Antique pie safe project piece. This item is ready for your influence. Good condition, with wear normal for age. Some wood missing on back.
16212.Concrete planter with plant, stands 23" in height.
16213.Primitive dual headed cultivator with blade and trowel. Stands 53" in height.
16214.Vintage full sized wood and metal children's sled.
16215.Pair of antique 83" wooden skies with ski poles. Great for decoration.
16216.Set of three antique window sections. One missing glass - largest measures 28" x 35".
16217.Set of three antique screen sections. Each measures 28.5" x 62.5".
16218.Antique door with table mounted to base. Measures 18.5" x 27.5" x 78".
16219.Three piece modern metal patio set. Includes bench, table and lounge chair. For reference, bench measures 70" in length.
16220.Mid-century metal patio chair in good condition. Stands 33" in height.
16221.Set of four vintage metal patio chairs in good condition.
16222.Antique white wagon measuring 34.5" in length. Item does have wear, great for outdoor decoration.
16223.Vintage cast iron planter measuring 9" x 14" x 33".
16224.Green ceramic outdoor lighted feature. Stands 23" in height.
16225.Wooden bar composed of several different vintage/antique pieces. Measures 16" x 40" x 53".
16226.Pair of primitive barn beams, largest stands 74" in height.
16227.Antique cast iron fence piece with floral components. Measures 41" x 46".
16228.Antique cast iron fence piece with floral components. Measures 41" x 46".
16229.Very nice antique radio power supply windmill. Unsure of make but does look similar to those made by Zenith. Item stands a total of 10' in height and was used by owners as decoration. Propeller missing but tail intact. Top estimated to be 4' in length. Head of unit appears to be marked "8836". Base measures approx. 32" x 32".
16230.Set of three ceramic display arms, some have been cracked but repaired. Measurements listed at base of each.
16231.Set of three antique galvanized buckets, similar to sap buckets. Tallest measures 12.5" in height.
16232.Vintage Rubbermaid mushroom themed plastic storage containers. Fourth container included but missing lid. Tallest measures 10" in height.
16233.Antique Penn scale with metal basin. Wear consistent with age.
16234.Pair of vintage light brown Samsonite suitcases. Largest measures 19" x 24".
16235.Set of blue canning jars, lids and caps. Each stands 7" in height.
16236.Large lot of mid-century Christmas items. For reference, elves stand 10" in height.
16237.Lot of large clear glass containers and vases. Largest stands approx. 13" in height.
16238.Antique partial nativity set, some pieces are chalk ware, one marked "Germany". Camels measure 4.5" in height.
16239.Antique architectural salvage piece made into wall-hanging, measures 11" x 11".
16240.Set of four older Marion, OH mill sacks from the Marion Grain & Supply Co. Largest measures 19.5" in length.
16241.Storage bin full of maps, sheet music and a few comic books.
16242.Set of glass and ceramic decorations. Tallest stands 16" in height.
16243.Small lot of vintage Christmas dishes and color wheel without color slides.
16244.22" wide round Delaware, OH broom holder.
16245.Miniature solid metal 12" shopping cart.
16246.Lot of wooden decorations including driftwood, checker/chess board, statue and more. Statue measures 19.5" in height.
16247.Set of four machinery belt/hardware bucket pieces, largest measures 24" in length.
16248.Vintage green watering can standing 14" at highest point.
16249.Pair of copper pieces including antique Tyler Standard Screen Scale.
16250.Lot of home décor including antique photo, utensil decorations and more.
16251.Lot of home décor including vintage hanger, toys and more.
16252.Set of three printing blocks, two for milk advertisements. Largest is 2" x 2".
16253.Metal basket holder and two baskets, stands 42" in height.
16254.Vintage blue folding laundry cart standing 30" in height and measuring 27" wide when opened.
16255.Large set of 1917 Toledo Bridge & Crane Co. blueprints.
16256.Large set of 1919 Buckeye Traction Ditcher Co. blueprints from Findlay, OH. Some water damage to bottoms.
16257.Large lot of new and vintage basket items.
16258.Lot including vintage hand and foot wire forms, walking stick and more.
16259.Vintage Pepsi crate measuring 12" x 18".
16260.White wicker type clothes hamper standing 24" in height.
16261.Box full of vintage linens and doilies.
16262.Antique lightning rod pole with partial weathervane. Stands 65" in height.
16263.Farm style galvanized windmill head measuring 20" in diameter.
16264.Vintage green metal stand, possibly for candle within church. Stands 53" in height.
16265.Antique wooden wagon part measuring 59" in length.
16266.New 7' black metal display rack perfect for store or home.
16267.Set of four maroon outdoor wooden displays, tallest measures 29" in height.
16268.Set of four different outdoor wooden displays, tallest measures 27" in height.
16269.Owl necklace, was marked with tag describing it as "vintage". Owl measures 5" in height.
16270.1997 blacklight velvet Pink Floyd "The Wall" poster. Measures 23" wide. Normal wear, has been rolled for some time.
16271.Really interesting antique James Mfg. Co. industrial cart, possibly for railway or tract system. Measures 26" x 34" x 72". Wheels are 19" in diameter. Front wheel stuck and box moves a bit, but an overall excellent piece. Bottom has deteriorated with age. Great item for decoration or to re-purpose.


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