Howard Auctions LLC

Item Description
15210.Beautiful vintage white/gold corner cabinet with glass door. Top and bottom both feature shelving. Item measures 34" wide and stands 89" in height. Depth on each side measures 25". Item in great condition.
15211.Beautiful dining room set including table and four cane back chairs. Table includes one leaf. With leaf inserted, table measures 38" x 77", 38" x 56" without it inserted. Table stands approx. 30" in height. Excellent condition.
15212.Vintage iridescent white ceramic Christmas tree with green inserts. Item works perfectly and appears to be in great condition. Missing at least one plastic bulb and topper. Stands 18" in height.
15213.Antique Page Brand salesman's sample wooden oar in excellent condition. Founded by Ezekiel Page in New York as part of the New York Boat Oar Company. Item measures 30" in total length.
15214.Antique unmarked wooden oar presumably a salesman's samples as well. Excellent condition, measures 36.5" in length.
15215.Set of ten antique Magic Lantern glass slides. All in good condition with normal wear, no cracks. Each measures 1.5" x 6".
15216.Set of ten antique Ernst Plank Magic Lantern slides with original box. All in good condition with normal wear, no cracks. Two additional broken slides are included. Each measures 1.25" x 5".
15217.Set of 12 antique Ernst Plank Magic Lantern mechanical slides. All in good condition with normal wear, one has a crack but is salvageable. The initial picture would be shown through projector, then the slide moved to reveal a comedic second image. Each measures 1-5/8" x 5".
15218.Lot of 29 antique Little Leather Library books in great condition. 28 red books and one green. Various subject including speeches by Abraham Lincoln. Each measures 3" x 4".
15219.Vintage Silvertone (phonograph maker) commemorative 40 year badge and shoe brush. Badge measures 1.5" in width.
15220.Antique Elgin American art noveau golden cigarette case with built in lighter. Great condition with normal wear. Item measures 3.25" x 5".
15221.Antique/vintage bamboo walking cane found with oars, likely similar ages. Measures 33" in length. Modern strap and foot.
15222.1944 Oxford Technical Handbook - "First Principles of Radio". Good condition.
15223.Mid-century speed calculator with advertising for Gargoyle Lubricants on reverse. Item measures 10" in length.
15224.Longaberger 1993 Edition Dresden Basket signed inside on top by Jerry Longaberger and Wendy Longaberger. Measures approx. 7.5" in height.
15225.Vintage Heimer clarinet with case. Item appears to be complete, see photos for details.
15226.Vintage 8x30 binoculars in good condition with case. Features Uranus Coated Lenses.
15227.Antique Henri Leduc Paris clarinet in case. Good condition, appears complete, see photos.
15228.Antique Norah Wellings - Made in England Monarch of Bermuda doll in excellent condition. Item measures 14" in length.
15229.1946 Raggedy Anne doll in good condition with normal wear for age. Some separation between hair and head. Measures 22" in length.
15230.Vintage Buddy L green dump truck in good condition. Bed operates as intended. Measures 7.5" in length.
15231.1940's Silverblu Mink shaw and hat. Marked with tags from Bixler's - Fremont, OH. Shaw measures approx. 42" in length.
15232.Set of three mid-century and earlier hats/headwear. Two ladies and one men's. All in great condition. Grey hat made by Glenover.
15233.11" Fenton burgundy chimney with etched birds. Remnants of Fenton sticker inside base. One small blemish at bottom (hard to get photo).
15234.Vintage 1978 Sandusky County Fair premiums list booklet. Measures 5" x 7".
15235.Antique Lenwile China Ardalt Japan Verithin figural light decoration. Appears in excellent condition, needs new bulb, measures approx. 5.5" in height.
15236.Vintage Longines-Wittnauer Watch Co. barometer in great, working condition. Measures 5.5" x 5.5".
15237.Antique needlepoint purse with silver clasp. Item measures approx. 8" in height.
15238.Antique Whiting & Davis Co. mesh ladies bag. Measures approx. 7.5" in width.
15239.Vintage Tasco microscope set in box.
15240.Antique hand made plush doll measuring 17" in length. Wear common with age.
15241.Set of three 1970's Boy Scouts of America handkerchiefs. All in great condition.
15242.Antique framed print from painting of "St. Joseph with the Child Jesus". Measures approx. 11" x 15".
15243.Antique cast iron cannon toy that appears to be operational. Item stand 5" in height and measures 7.5" in length and is in great condition with excellent patina. Very early repair with brass to axle can be seen in photos. Very interesting piece. Possibly used with black powder.
15244.Vintage ladies umbrella in excellent condition measuring 32" in length.
15245.Antique sleeping doll with functional eyes. Wear appropriate with age. Measures 14" in length.
15246.Antique/vintage nativity pieces including items from various sets. Tallest item measures 5" in height.
15247.14 piece antique figurine lot comprised of multiple themes. Tallest item measures 7" in height. All in great shape, only item with notable blemish the female figurine in back left (pictured chipping to base).
15248.Pair of antique Disney figurines, hard rubber Pluto and chalk ware crow. Crow stands 3.75" in height.
15249.Pair of antique glass ship candy containers. Each have small blemishes, one complete with metal seal. 5.5" each in length.
15250.Set of three antique bibles. One from 18th, 19th and 20th century. See photos for condition. One possibly not a bible (oldest - German).
15251.Westclox Big Ben desk clock. Not tested. Measures 5" across.
15252.Lot of antique/vintage children's books.
15253.Antique tin 3" x 5" advertising piece from Wiederkehr Bros.
15254.Vintage oriental wooden storage box measuring 5.5" x 6.5" x 10".
15255.Misc. antique smalls lot including letter openers (one carved bone), speed calculator, Port Clinton shell mementos and more. Largest item (carved letter opener) measures 12" in length.
15256.Misc. antique smalls lot including tie box, early curling iron, lighters and much more. Wooden box measures 11" in length for reference.
15257.Large ephemera lot including playbills, touring guides, letters and more.
15258.Lot of vintage matchbooks including several Northern Ohio locations.
15259.Antique ladies beaded purse, some bead loss. Item marked "Hand-Made - Made in France". Measures approx. 5" in width.
15260.Set of seven vintage marionette puppets for what appears to be biblical plays. All appear to be in great condition. Most are 9"+ in height.
15261.Pair of antique books including children's art book and scrapbook full of nice antique advertisements and prints. Scrap book measures 11" x 13".
15262.Antique first quarter 20th century hardback books.
15263.Set of ten antique figurines including gnome, doll top, Kewpie and more. Gnome stands 3.25" in height for reference.
15264.1980's Disney Magic Kingdom ceramic light up castle that appears to be in like new condition. Castle measures 11" in height.
15265.One of the most interesting items we've gotten to sell this year. This is an antique homemade, carved, motorized (possibly windup) model submarine made from what appears to be a solid piece of wood. Top of sub detaches to reveal internal workings. Someone good with models could probably get this going again. Propeller moves freely and rotates a piece inside simultaneously. Measures 24"+ in length and 10" in height. Great patina, it has previously been wired for hanging; storage or display. Very neat older piece. Just in time for gifting to yourself or loved one.
15266.Large lot of vintage smalls including radio, belt buckles, patches and more.
15267.Pocket knives and scissors lot, six total pieces. One knife is an Imperial.
15268.Large antique/vintage pen/pencil lot. Pens include several fountain pens. Some very nice, quality writing utensils in lot.
15269.Pair of Fostoria Century candelabras in excellent condition. Each stands 8" in height.
15270.Pair of Fostoria Century bowls in different styles, one round and one fruit. Both in excellent condition.
15271.Fostoria Century handled cake platter in excellent condition. Measures 11" in width.
15272.Pair of Fostoria Century pieces including saucer and bowl/ladle. Bowl stands approx. 3.5" in height. Both pieces in excellent condition.
15273.Pair of Fostoria Century divided platters both in excellent condition. Largest measures 11" in length.
15274.Set of four Fostoria Century curved platters in excellent condition. Largest measures 7.5" in width.
15275.Vintage blue glass decanter and cups, marked "Made in Italy". Decanter stands 8" in height.
15276.Large set of antique glass salts.
15277.8" milk glass-style compote with lid.
15278.Set of five various colored candle holders by Smith. Larger pieces measure 6" in width.
15279.Pair of vintage Fire-King dishes, one with warming chafer.
15280.Five piece of Princess House glassware including candle holder and four silver wear holders.
15281.Pair of beautiful black glass Westmoreland hand painted plates with lattice edges. Each measures 8.5" in width.
15282.Unmarked vintage glass amber two-piece pineapple dish. Measures 7" in height.
15283.Pair of mint green Westmoreland candle holders. Each stands 4" in height.
15284.Unmarked rose colored glass two piece rooster dish. Measures 8.5" in height.
15285.Set of seven vintage children's book themed tumblers, each standing 5.5" in height. Titles include Wizard of Oz, Gulliver's Travels and more.
15286.8" blue blown glass bubbled pitcher.
15287.Set of three large, heavy crystal decanters. Two (clear) made by Princess House, the other by Bleikristall. Each measures 15.5" in height. All in excellent condition.
15288.Beautiful antique 6.5" vase in excellent condition, was labeled as "Celery Vase".
15289.Purple nesting hen in excellent condition measuring 7.5" in length. Possibly by Indiana Glass Company.
15290.Green nesting duck with glass eyes. Measures 8" in length.
15291.Pair of unmarked cobalt bell themed paperweights. Each stands 2.5" in height.
15292.Vintage HFM - Henry Ford Museum fish dish. Measures 6.5" in height.
15293.Pair of hand blown Rainbow cobalt horses, each stands 3.5" in height.
15294.Antique unmarked blue handle pot toothpick holder. Measures 5" in height (including handle).
15295.Pair of unmarked blue toothpick holders.
15296.Pair of blue hand themed candle holders, look to be holding torches. Each stands 4" in height.
15297.Set of seven blue glass pieces including shakers and birds.
15298.10" tall glass amber compote, believed to be Fenton, thumbprint pattern. Excellent condition.
15299.Set of four small blue dishes including Shirley Temple pieces.
15300.Set of three painted plates from Italy and Germany.
15301.Set of six milk-glass style pieces including one by Westmoreland. Tallest item measures 7" in height.
15302.Set of ten pieces of misc. decorative glassware, all unmarked. One interesting carnival-style green vase. Tallest item measures 10.5" in height.
15303.5.5" tall Colonial Williamsburg pottery piece.
15304.Set of 21 various color Franciscan Madeira tumblers. Six measure 5.5" in height, 15 measure 5" in height.
15305.Pair of very early chalk ware-style elf figurines. Tallest measures 5" in height.
15306.Vintage quilt topper measuring 64" x 67".
15307.Antique children's quilt measuring 43" x 56". Item does have wear common with age (small tears).
15308.Antique quilt featuring bonnet-adorned figures. Excellent condition, measures 71" x 84".
15309.Antique scalloped edge quilt with great colors. Measures 80" x 96".
15310.Pair of antique fishing poles with vintage containers. Two bamboo poles including one that looks barely used (fly rod) by Montague Rod & Reel. Longest container measures 43" in length.
15311.Bin full of lots of Beanie Babies including miniature McDonald's pieces.
15312.Bin full of lots of Beanie Babies.
15313.Plastic storage drawer full of Beanie Babies.
15314.Ty Beanie Babies membership kit.
15315.Pair of purple cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nachtmann. Tallest measures approx. 8.5" in height, both in excellent condition.
15316.Set of three purple cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nacthmann. Tallest measures approx. 8.5" in height. All in excellent condition.
15317.Set of four orange cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nachtmann. Tallest measures approx. 8.5" in height. All items in excellent condition.
15318.Pair of green cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nachtmann. Tallest measures approx. 8" in height. Both pieces in excellent condition.
15319.Pair of emerald cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nachtmann. Tallest measures approx. 8.5" in height. Both items in excellent condition.
15320.Pair of burgundy cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nachtmann. Tallest measures approx. 8" in height. Both items in excellent condition.
15321.Single deep purple cut to clear crustal glass. Believed to be Nachtmann. Measures approx. 7.5" in height. Item is in excellent condition.
15322.Pair of ruby cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nachtmann. Tallest measures approx. 8.5" in height. Both items in excellent condition.
15323.Set of three ruby cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nacthmann. Tallest measures approx. 8" in height. All in excellent condition.
15324.Pair of cobalt cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nachtmann. Tallest measures approx. 8.5" in height. Both items in excellent condition.
15325.Pair of cobalt cut to clear crystal glasses. Believed to be Nachtmann. Tallest measures approx. 8" in height. Both items in excellent condition.
15326.Pair of antique blown glass mugs with hand painted floral accents. Note included indicated they were from 1880's. Excellent condition, each stands 3.75" in height.
15327.Antique wire spool holder with feed. Measures 4" x 5" x 13".
15328.Mid-century metal bread box. In good condition, just needs cleaned. Currently housing squirrel corn cobs. Measures 10" x 10" x 14".
15329.Large lot of vintage Ohio license plates. Most appear to be from 1960's and 70's.
15330.Large antique wooden tacklebox with misc. tackle. Neat feature includes several 1930's and before fishing licenses from various states. Nice edition to any cabin or home. Measures 7" x 7" x 26.5".
15331.Antique/vintage lot including tacklebox, shoe forms lasts and Kodak frames.
15332.Set of three attic-fresh antique lanterns. Wear common with age, one C.T. Ham and two Dietz.
15333.Antique metal storage container measuring 5" x 8" x 9".
15334.1954 Michigan Public Service Commission motorcycle license plate in great shape with paint loss.
15335.Pair of antique roller skates.
15336.Mid-century bird cage stand. Needs cleaned. Overall good condition.
15337.Vintage metal Taylor Tot baby buggy.
15338.Vintage spring action The Wonder Horse riding toy. Measures approx. 23" in height and 34" in length.
15339.Vintage larger tricycle found in attic. New front wheel needed, peddles move as they should.
15340.Pair of vintage wooden sleds, one complete, one slightly broken. Largest measures 47" in length.
15341.Very nice vintage Western Flyer Fire Chief pressed pedal car found in attic. Good condition, needs cleaned, great for display or for refinishing. One of two ladders is present. Measures 40" in total length.
15342.Lot of misc. vintage bicycle parts including fenders, basket and more.
15343.Antique wooden letter box with dovetailed corners. Front clasp needs small nail as pictured. Measures 4" x 9" x 11.5".
15344.Wooden writing desk with internal storage. Item measures 18" x 30" x 39".
15345.Large lot of miscellaneous blankets and bedding perfect for moving or intended use.
15346.Modern 30.5" metal based lamp.
15347.Vintage 31" amber table lamp.
15348.Three drawer wooden dresser in great condition. Measures 18" x 30" x 40".
15349.Vintage framed Jesus print measuring approx. 15" x 18".
15350.Set of three glass bedroom decorations.
15351.Beautiful antique five drawer dresser in excellent condition. Item measures 19" x 34" x 40".
15352.Vintage wooden hall tree with metal hooks, one is broken.
15353.Tub of vintage children's toys.
15354.Pair of handmade Alice in Wonderland wall hangings. Each measures 7.5" x 17".
15355.Board game lot including Sequence and more.
15356.Large modern wooden shelving unit measuring 22" x 32" x 45".
15357.Large lot of Life World Library books.
15358.Maroon Skyway suitcase standing 30" in height.
15359.Antique Rogers silver-plate flatware set with holder.
15360.Bed complete with rails, headboard and footboard. Boards measure 62" in width. Headboard stands 60" in height.
15361.Large lot of blankets and linens.
15362.Box lot of decorations including Photo Wheel, basket and more.
15363.Vintage plush chair in good condition.
15364.Box lot of decorations including lamp, extension cord and more.
15365.Box lot including ceramic wall hanging angels and more.
15366.Small side cupboard standing 22.5" in height.
15367.Set of 12 vintage collector Christmas plates.
15368.Retro peacock themed lounge chair in great condition.
15369.Antique wooden plant stand with top inlay. Stands 27" in height.
15370.Modern checkerboard top side table, perfect for kids room. Two loose legs. Stands 19" in height.
15371.Vintage footstool, knitting bag and basket.
15372.Seymour Mann doll in box.
15373.Wooden luggage stand. One loose leg.
15374.Very nice Victorian-style blanket rack standing 32" in height.
15375.Collector's showcase new in box.
15376.Quality Drexel end table with dual doors. Measures 16" x 23" x 25".
15377.Table lamp with maroon glass base. Measures 31" in height.
15378.Pair of vintage projectors, one rotary and one horizontal.
15379.Lot of 78 RPM records.
15380.Nice quality vintage wooden chair with upholstery.
15381.Yellow padded bench with internal storage under seat. Measures 14" x 21" x 34".
15382.Vintage shoe shining kit.
15383.Vintage Lane cedar chest in good condition with normal wear, one sticker on side. Measures 17.5" x 29" x 31".
15384.Magnavox television.
15385.Modern three drawer dresser in great condition. Measures 18" x 31" x 36".
15386.Large tub of books.
15387.Older, possibly Fenton, Gone with the Wind lamp. Appears to be in excellent condition, see photos for details.
15388.Beautiful Dixie chest of drawers with nine drawers and mirror. Excellent condition. Base measures 20" x 33" x 60". Mirror adds an additional 35.5" in height. Located upstairs, please bring loading assistance (2-3 people).
15389.Vintage cane back upholstered chair in great condition.
15390.Beautiful Dixie dresser with seven drawers. Excellent condition, measures 19" x 38" x 47". Located upstairs, please bring loading assistance (2-3 people).
15391.Vintage electrified glass oil lamp, pink in color. Stands 19" in height.
15392.Antique drop front secretary desk in great condition. Normal wear, measures 16" x 29.5" x 41".
15393.Victorian-style magazine rack in great condition. Measures 17" x 18" x 20".
15394.Corner shelf lot including Beanie Baby and collectables.
15395.Large lot of supplies for sewing, needlepoint and more.
15396.Lot of vintage horror/mystery books.
15397.Wire metal trash bin measuring 13.5" in height.
15398.Beautiful antique hall tree in great condition with normal wear. Very large, interesting piece. The base measures 16" deep and 34.5" wide. Item stands 79" in height. Great addition to any home or to repurpose. Located upstairs, please bring loading assistance (2-3 people).
15399.Box of towels and linens.
15400.Box of blankets and materials.
15401.Three drawer plastic storage bin. Stands 25" in height.
15402.Beautiful Dixie full size bed with head and footboard. Excellent condition, headboard measures 42" in height.
15403.Large lot of blankets and linens.
15404.Three shelves full of candles.
15405.Shelf lot #1 full of glassware, decorations and more, mostly older.
15406.Shelf lot #2 full of glassware, decorations and more, mostly older.
15407.Shelf lot #3 full of glassware, decorations and more, mostly older.
15408.Large lot of vintage playing cards and game books.
15409.Pair of boxes containing modern/vintage Christmas decorations.
15410.Plastic container full of ornaments and plastic wreath container.
15411.Tub full of Easter decorations.
15412.Tub of fall/Halloween decorations.
15413.Tub consisting of Christmas ornaments.
15414.Box of Easter decorations.
15415.Tub of Christmas decorations.
15416.Tub of Valentines Day/red decorations.