Why have an auction?

The demand for auctions has never been higher. With countless individuals buying on a regular basis, conducting a sale allows us to market your items to the consumers who are ready to buy. From the beginning of the sales process, all the way to the end, the effort required by the seller is minimal. In no other industry can assets be converted to cash in such a manner. We work tirelessly to ensure a seamless sales process, doing everything in our power to promote, conduct, and close each sale to the best of our ability. Every sale we conduct is unique, allow us to be the ones who make it special. ​

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Collin Howard

Collin Howard – Auctioneer

“With every sale, we strive to keep the process as simple as possible, creating a series of seamless transactions, all in an effort to most efficiently convert your assets to cash. From start to finish, beginning to end, we strive to exceed all of your expectations.”  – Collin Howard